Guess Theme! Win Summer Planner Accessories

Win Summer Planner Accessories

Calling all planner addicts, I have added loads planner related items to Crafty Debs Corner my shop. If you haven’t seen all the latest additions head to the shop now. I currently have the following planner accessories available. The Little Mermaid, Butterfly planner clips, July 4 related clips and more to come! I working a new theme for a planner clip set and super excited about it! I am so excited that I decided to do a giveaway. Can you guess the theme of the set I am working on? If you can then you’re going to Win Summer Planner Accessories! How fun is that? The winner will win a Summer planner set that hasn’t been shown in my shop a unique set only you’ll have! Super Cool!! Right? So are you ready to start guessing? Good Luck Everyone!!

Guess Theme! Win Summer Planner Accessories!

When you see the pieces to the planner accessory set I am getting ready to start, you’ll be in shock. There are tons of pieces that will complete a set of 5 planner clips. Once you see the pieces you’ll realize all the hard work that goes into each of the items I have in my shop. Some of the planner clips I have done have up to 16 little pieces that create it. Each planner clip set is cut using my Cricut Explore Air 2, then I painstaking piece them all back together again creating each individual planner clip. Now that you know a little bit of history behind the creating, are you ready to see the theme? Ahh, I bet you are!! So let’s get the guessing started.

Guess and Win Summer Planner Accessories!

Win Summer Planner Accessories

As you can see there are a load of pieces. See each pile? One pile contain 4 pieces of the same pattern. Remember this is a 5 piece planner accessory set. There are so many tiny pieces, I normally use my pointed tweezers when applying those pieces to the characters. Have any clues? Don’t worry I have a few more pictures for you.

Guess Theme! Win Summer Planner Accessories!

Ready for images 2 and 3? Remember each pile is considered a piece! I always cut 4 pieces of each character, as I make my planner accessories with 4 layers of heavy 80 lb. card stock.

Any guesses? Want a little clue? Look closely at the character in the far left corner. Maybe that will help ya!

Ideas yet? Do you think you know the theme yet? Hmm, how about 2 more images? Note the colors of the pieces, using the colors will give you a clue too!

Guess theme! Win Summer Planner Accessories!


Remember the following clues:
Each pile is a piece to a character, there are 4 of the same piece in each pile.
Look at the character in the upper left corner on the pink paper.
Take a close look at the colors used, as they match the theme very closely.
This is a 5 Pieced Planner Accessory Set. That means that all the piles together will create 5 characters.
Note I am using the word “character”

That’s all folks! Do you think you know yet? Wanna guess? Please only use the Rafflecopter form below for guessing. If you like my Facebook page and tweet about the contest you’ll get 2 extra freebie entries. There will be two winners picked. If you’d like to comment about this contest I welcome to you leave your thoughts below. But please don’t give clues in the comments.

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