What is a War Room and War Binder?

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What made me write this article? Mostly because I want to share how much having a War Room and a War Binder has helped me grow spiritually. I have also shared some of the War Binder faith cards I’ve created for my Esty shop DebsCraftingCloset on Instagram and had a few followers ask me about my War Binder. So here I am today to answer What is a War Room and War Binder?

Before we get knee deep into the answer let me say this. If you haven’t seen the movie War Room and you’re someone looking to strengthen your spiritual & prayer world then it’s a must. Seriously it’s a game changer, or should I say prayer/faith changer. In the meantime, read on and you’ll learn a little about what a war room and war binder are.

What is a War Room and War Binder?

The idea of having/creating a War Room came from the movie, War Room. I’d loved to get into the movie but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. A war room is your quiet place to spend with God. It can be a room or like in the movie a simple chair in the corner of a closet. Really, see the movie!

A war room is meant to be used for praying, studying scripture, carrying on conversations with God. The movie shows the two main characters hanging their prayers on the walls, with photos etc. I am fortunate enough to have a room that I not only use for my war room but it’s also my craft room.

It’s a beautiful room filled with my bibles and study guides. It’s decorated with pretty things, and the walls are covered with inspirational art. Most of it I’ve created myself. I love my war room/craft room and spend a lot of time in it. With that being said since I use the room for both, I won’t be posting my prayers on the wall like in the movie. I do have a war binder though. I know there’s that phrase again. Wait for it . . . I’ll explain that a little later. *Smiles* What do you think of my war room/craft room?

What is a War Room and War Binder - DebbiesMusings War Room- Craft Room

War Room – Prayer Board

I made a prayer board above the girl’s crafting space, I have hopes to encourage everyone to use it. So far it’s just me using it, but one day. If you haven’t noticed yet there is a bit of pink, my favorite color. If you read this article you’ll understand more about all the pink.

What is a War Room and War Binder - DebbiesMusings War Room- Craft Room 2

Again I have a lot of faith-related items all over the room. It’s inspiring to just walk in there and see the word faith sparkling at me, or little reminders of how blessed and thankful I am. It’s inviting, welcoming and I love being in this room.

What is a War Room and War Binder - DebbiesMusings War Room- Craft Room 1

How do you like my little war room – craft room? Would you feel like praying in here? Oh, I have a big recliner for the room too, but I moved it out after getting Ludo our pup. He kept going behind it and getting himself stuck. I’ll be moving it back once he’s a bit older. Now let’s talk about a War Binder. . .  I know I’ve kept you in the dark long enough huh?

What’s a War Binder?

A war binder, also known as a faith journal or a prayer journal, is essentially a binder or notebook with multiple sections that you use to document, strengthen, and nourish your walk with Christ. It’s your war room in a binder, planner etc.

The benefits of a war binder is that it’s portable. If you want to sit by the ocean and talk with God you can carry your war binder with you. I love sitting on my lanai in the mornings when it’s nice and cool. All I have to do is grab my war binder, bible and study book and go. As you can see in the below picture I really get into my time with God.

War Binder 1- DebbiesMusings

Again a war binder is a portable war room, if you’ve watched the movie you’ll know why I say a portable war room. Remember how I mentioned the two main characters would pin their prayers to the wall of their war room? Well, your war binder is a place to put your prayers in and then some. In the image below I have my war binder opened to my bible study area.

War Binder - DebbiesMusings

War Binder cont.

A war binder can be as simple and easy as a spiral notebook, or you can go all out and use one of those fancy planners. I am currently using a standard size Travelers Notebook, with inserts I made myself out of cut down notebooks from the $ store. I did just get a pretty red patent Travelers Notebook that I’ll be setting up and sharing in a couple of weeks. I want to stress this to everyone. . . It isn’t the style or fanciness of the binder itself that is important; it’s the conversation with God that matters. It’s the spiritual growth you gain.

I hope this was helpful in learning more about what is a war room a war binder. Like I mentioned above I just got a new war binder and have been working on the inserts etc. for it. I will be sharing how I set mine up, what tabs I have and some of the things I’ve made for it. So stick around, pull up a chair and hang out for a while.


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