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#weeklyfeature - Kayden

I got the girls pretty Easter hats the other day. They both decided to be #lilmodels and pose for the camera. They turned out so cute I thought it would be nice to share them in our #weeklyfeature.

Above is Izzy short for Elizabeth, she’s my little crafty maven. She’s also my little drama queen. But I love her to pieces!! Izzy makes her peace sign with her thumb and pointer finger, and loves writing random letters.

This is Kayden she’s 8 going on 30. She’s already boy crazy :/ and loves her phone. It’s hard to get her attention and keep her focused on a task she really doesn’t wanna do. I assume that’s a typical 8-year-old.

These two little monkeys are the light of my light, and the curve in my smile. I adore them more than words can say.

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