#weeklyfeature #Granddaughters Oh, The Things They Say!

#weeklyfeature #Granddaughters #Sisters

My granddaughters are the coolest, cutest, amazing and will tell you like it is without hesitation. No really, if you want to know if your butt looks big in a pair of jeans just ask them. Yes, your butt is big but its a good big … really your 8 what do you know about big butts and it looking good? LOL, all joking aside these two girls are amazing. They are keeping me young and smiling daily. In this weeks #weeklyfeature #Granddaughters you’ll see exactly what I mean.

#weeklyfeature #Granddaughters

#weeklyfeature #Granddaughters
Oh, the Things They Say!

During Easter I made everyone an Easter basket, I don’t like filling Kayden’s and Izzy’s with tons of candy. Which lead me to buy the cheesy deck of cards to help stuff their baskets. Yes, I call them cheesy because. . . well, they are.

I’ll prove my theory of cheesy in a minute. So it’s been nearly 2 weeks since Easter, right? They just opened the cards yesterday. . . see why I say cheesy?

#weeklyfeature #Granddaughters – Izzy tells it like it is!

I believe Izzy was a little excited to open her cards yesterday, and not because she likes cards but because. . . well, she thought they were entirely something different. Let me paint the picture for you.

Izzy opens her cards in her room, and immediately comes running up to me. I am thinking oh boy, she’s gonna want me to play with her and I was knee-deep into something. So I wait secretly praying she came to tell me how cool they were. HA! Not!! She looked up at me with the grumpiest face, and says, “Grandma, I thought these were sticky notes, not cards!”

She looked up at me with the grumpiest face, and says, “Grandma, I thought these were sticky notes, not cards!” I smile at her and say, “Izzy if they had been sticky notes what would you have done with them?” She replies back with a huge smile, “well, I’d draw on them a leave them everywhere for you.” HA!! I say, “well that’s exactly why they are cards and not sticky notes because I’d be cleaning up sticky notes from everywhere.”

I believe she thought that was funny and not so funny because she busted out laughing, then as she walks away she starts scolding me “well next time get me sticky notes.” I just stood there not even knowing what to say. On a plus side, they did play with the cards for about 5 mins, they just could decide on whose game was better and neither was playing the others game right so. . . the cards lived a short life. They now sit on the edge of my desk.

#weeklyfeature #Granddaughters 1

#weeklyfeature #Granddaughters
They keep things real and fun

These two girls keep things real, I love that about them. I often wonder if I should be toning that part down? I have been trying to teach them that sometimes it’s good to think about things before saying it. But I want them to always be real and honest, it’s not their fault that some people can’t handle the blunt brutal truth. I guess when they are older they will learn sensors etc. For now, it’s a daily reminder for me that so many things are candied coated. . .

What are your thoughts on being blunt? Saying things like it is? Do you encourage your children, grandchildren or even your students to keep it real? Thanks for stopping by and reading our #weeklyfeature #granddaughters – Oh, the things they say! You’re invited to connect with me in the social media outlet which can be found on the right side of my blog.

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