Week 3 – Weigh-in and Progress

Week 3 – Weigh-in and Progress - #DebGettingFit47 Featured

Hello, Lovelies! It’s time for my Week 3 – Weigh-in and Progress update. I am super excited to share this update!! What did I learn this week? Well, remember in my last update of August 1st, I talked about how I would lose 3 lbs. and days later gain it back. Well, I have learned that cheat days aren’t worth it to me. There is a lot of hard being done to see results. But repeating that cycle of losing and gaining 3 lbs over and over again wasn’t helping me. I will no longer give myself a cheat day when I do I go over board and set myself up for a miserable fall. Some may not agree with me on that point, but until I can make good healthy cheat choices I refuse to allow myself a cheat day. Yep, that’s right I have cut myself off!

Week 3 – Weigh-in and Progress
How was my week?

It was a good week and I was extremely focused on getting this done. You know I honestly forgot how much I love living a low carb lifestyle. It’s hard work and there are weeks without results. . . then you wake up one morning and BAM! You’re rewarded with a loss. . . not just in weight, but inches and my favorite losses are when I lose body fat!

I spent 2 days doing chores outdoors. Friday is my normal yard work day which I followed it up with 8 hours of work replacing the screen our lanai. I was also in the process of a fast which ended up being a 24 hour fast (from 7 to  7 pm). It wasn’t done intentionally but I wasn’t going to stop, clean up just to go eat so I pushed on. I was super surprised at how much energy I had and how easy it was. Intermediate fasting will be something that I am going to incorporate into my weekly program. Saturday was another day in the yard. This time I weeded and cleaned our gutters. I then mowed the back lawn again to mulch the leaves from the gutters. I fasted but for only 18 hours. (from 7 pm Friday night to 1 pm Saturday).

Week 3 – Weigh-in and Progress
The Foods!

I have had this craving for cucumbers, so I ate a lot of mini seedless cucumbers this past week. Definitely a weird craving, huh? But it’s better than craving cookies and donuts. I ate a lot of eggs, bacon, iced coffee with half/half, drank a bathtub full of water, and enjoyed a delicious dinner of salmon and fresh green beans. The Hubs took me out Friday night after those long hours working in the yard and I ate pulled pork with a glass of water. A great way to break my 24 hr fast, and it was delicious!

Week 3 – Weigh-in and Progress - Delicious Foods

Week 3 – Weigh-in and Progress
Time for the weigh-in and progress update!

Like I said earlier I am super excited to share this update! I’ve added my numbers from my Breaking the Cycle post, week 1, and week 2 for fun comparison. I am not going to post the results of the inches lost for places that had no change. But as you can see from my numbers below I finally had a loss and I am glad. It helps to keep me motivated and wanting to stay on track.

August 7th, 2017 – Week 3 Weigh – in and Progress

  • Waist 31.5″
  • Hips 40″
  • Thighs 21″
  • Weight 154 lbs. 

August 1st, 2017 – Week 2 – Weigh-in and Progress

  • Waist 32″
  • Hips no change
  • Biceps no change
  • Thighs 21.5″
  • Weight 157 lbs.  mid-week then weighed in at 160 lbs.

July 21st, 2017 – Week 1 Weigh-in Progress Update 

  • Waist 32″
  • Hips 42″
  • Biceps 12.5″
  • Thighs 21.5″
  • Neck 13.5″
  • Forearm 10″
  • Weight 158 lbs.

July 11th, 2017 –  Breaking the Cycle Post

  • Waist 34″
  • Hips 42″
  • Biceps 12.5″
  • Thighs 22″
  • Neck 14″
  • Forearm 9.5″
  • Weight 160 lbs.
Week 3 – Weigh-in and Progress
Things I will continue and final thoughts

This week I fasted for longer periods of time, although the one day was accidental I liked how energized I felt during and after. Instead of being in my gym, I did a lot of big chores around our house, but eventually, I’ll run out of those type of chores and I’ll be back in my gym. Abs and Booty are still done on a daily basis and I am also doing the Awesome August Booty Challenge.

I am happy about the weight loss and the inches gone, I still need to build more muscles it’s a slow process as my body doesn’t build muscles like it used too. But I’ll get there!

Be sure to follow along and join the Awesome August Booty Fitness Challenge.

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