Week 2 – Weigh-in and Progress


Hello, Lovelies! It’s time for my Week 2 – Weigh-in and Progress update! This past week was rough in so many ways. Like I’ve stated before I am addicted to the scale, well honestly it may rule me in many ways. I believe it’s from when the Hubs and I did the Medi program. The sad part is that I know that it’s just a number, that I should be thinking about how I feel, and how much better my clothes are fitting. I also do measurements and see the inches going down. But that damn number on my scale is killing me. My scale is still my enemy and I know that I have to deal with that issue. Now that I’ve gotten out my main struggle this past week, I should probably share my update.

Week 2 – Weigh-in and Progress

My weight was as low as 157 lbs. mid-week, but went back up toward weeks end. So I am basically losing and gaining back the same damn 3 lbs. and it sucks! This has been on going for the past 3 months. I seriously have thought of giving up so many times. See where my scale is sabotaging me? It’s a cruel little glass thing that should be hidden from me for like 1 day. HA! Just kidding.

What’s helping is that I belong to a group of keto – low carb living folks, what use the same lifestyle as I do for weight-loss. A member mentioned that she was also ruled by the number on the scale, but she finally tossed it and goes by the way she feels and by measurements. I am going to work on that and will let you know how that goes in my next update which, will be on August 8th. Anyways here’s a few photos from this past week. Don’t mind the gym hair and no makeup. Honestly, I don’t know why I used to put on makeup before working out.

Week 2 - Weigh-in and Progress

Week 2 – Weigh-in and Progress
Delicious Keto & Low Carb Foods

I did enjoy lots of keto-friendly low carb meals. I pretty much had everyone eating salads all week-long for either lunch or dinner. My grand daughters enjoyed their salads with lots of fruits, one likes dressing and the other doesn’t. But they both seemed to enjoy the fruits with their greens. :)

I found a delicious flavorful alternative to just plain may, it’s Kraft Chipotle Aioli. It’s great on almost everything. You can see it pictured below on the baby cucumbers.

Week 2 - Weigh-in and Progress - Foods

I shared a few recipes this past week, they are all very low carb and super delicious! My favorites are listed below just click on them for the recipe.

I will be sharing our Baked Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce and Fresh Green Beans, a delicious cherry cheesecake, and some low carb sweet tooth hacks later this week, so be sure to follow along so you don’t miss out.

Week 2 – Weigh-in and Progress

Like I said above I’ve lost 3 lbs, and gained them back. I think I will just start sharing my measurements and not the weight. I am slowly learning it’s not the number. See my changes below.

July 21st

  • Waist – 34″
  • Hips – 42″
  • Biceps – 12.5″
  • Thighs – 22″

July 28th

  • Waist – 32″
  • Hips – no change
  • Biceps – no change
  • Thighs – 21.5 “

So I’ve lost an inch around my waist, I still have a big ass, and my thighs have lost 1/2″. I guess 1 1/2″ in a week isn’t bad. I guess. . .

Week 2 – Weigh-in and Progress – The Goals

I still have the same goals, but I am trying to not focus so much on the weight. I also can’t say “hey I’ve added muscle and it weighs more than fat” either. Because no matter how you look at it. 1 lb of Fat is still 1 lb. of Muscle. I wrote an article about Fat vs. Muscle if you’d like to learn more about it.

More muscle gain and less fat has been my goal since the beginning and still is. The home gym is still lacking a few pieces of equipment like an adjustable weight bench, and a power rack/squat rack. I wouldn’t mind a few stretch bands and some kettle weights too.

Things I’ve learned this past week. 

I need to be patient, stop worrying about the scale and accept the progress for what it is. A little progress is better than none. Right? When I decide to have a cheat day I can’t let it get to me or feel guilty about it.

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