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How do you go about getting Website Traffic? Do you use a traffic exchange group? Do you write such interesting articles your traffic just comes to you? Getting website traffic to a new site isn’t easy. I should know I’ve had 3 different blogs and with each start-up traffic was slow at first. Now don’t get me wrong by no means am I an expert, nor does my blog get the traffic I’d like it to get either. It’s a work in progress and it’s a lot of work too! So let’s discuss the do’s and don’ts on getting traffic to your website.

I wished it was as easy as getting a special delivery box!

Website Traffic

I wished it was as easy as getting a special delivery box! I’d order a couple dozen boxes.

How to get Website Traffic

Write Interesting Articles

If you’ve got loads of knowledge in any subject or subjects then write about it and they will come. It’s like cooking if you cook and it tastes good they will eat it. So write your heart out about things your passionate about. BTW this would also be called your niche (the subject or subjects you find yourself writing about)

Write Interesting Relevant Titles

I could have used website traffic as my title. But instead I used Website Traffic – The Work is Worth It! It’s an interesting title and very relevant to my topic. When I say relevant I mean that I wouldn’t have my title be website traffic and then talk about donuts. If your title is called Delicious Donuts Made at Home, the person searching and visiting your site expects to read about Delicious Donuts they can make at home themselves.

Social Networks

Become a social butterfly, get yourself on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. Then follow and socialize with anyone that is interested in the same niche as you. If you like to cook then find Facebook groups that share recipes etc. It’s probably one of the easiest and hardest ways to market yourself. It’s easy because it’s sign-up, share, like, comment etc. But it’s time-consuming and it’s a lot of work in that aspect. But it works if you are persistent and committed to it. You’ll notice that you become friends with many of the folks your sharing with. You will find that regulars will comment every time you share a post. It’s networking, socializing and it works.

Website Traffic – Guest Blogging

Offer to write about your passion on other sites in your niche. If you love to write about Baking Cookies That are Healthy, find sites in same niche as you. A good things to look for are blogs that have a good reader base. Many of us bloggers love getting a break at writing and welcome guest articles. Contact the website owner with a brief description of what you’d write about etc.

It works the same with asking others to guest blog on your site too!

Why do these work? When you guest blog you’re sharing your talents with their reader base, if your article is great they will visit your site to see more. You’ll most likely get some new social shares and follows too! It works the same if someone guest blogs on your blog. They tell all their blog followers, “hey I am guest blogging on Debbie’s Musings tomorrow, come over and see my article.”

Other ways to get website traffic

PPV (pay per visitor) traffic. What is PPV traffic? It’s where visitors are being redirected to your website for maximum engagement. I’ve done some research on this type of traffic and came across Growtraffic. They did a great job at explaining where/how PPV traffic works. I like this PPV company because they don’t use bots or proxies to visit your site. They also send visitors in your niche, or the niche you pick when you request their service. I want to learn more about this type of traffic and see how it really works or actually if works at all.

You can also get more technical and dig in deeper with your SEO, key word searching, link building, interviewing some of the leaders in your niche world and many other things. As I experiment myself with some of the above mentioned ways I’ll share my thoughts. I hope that I’ve helped you understand more about getting Website Traffic.


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