Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft - Finished Project Closeup

I’ve got another Crafting with Kids project that is quick and easy. To make this Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft you won’t need a lot of supplies.

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft - Finished Project Closeup

I am also going to teach you an easy tip to make clean-up super quick! Your kiddies are going to love making this craft.

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft - Supplies

Supplies needed to make your own Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft:

Paint – red and pink
Glitter – we had some gold hearts and pink glitter, but you can use any color you like or none at all
Cardstock or Paper – I always keep a scrap box and when doing projects like this I pull it out and use what I can
Branch – any branch lying around your yard, if you don’t have any this would be a fun trip to the park
Old magazine, wax paper or anything to cover the space you’ll be working on
Sandwich bags – 2 for each child making project
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft - Supplies 2

Directions for making your own Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft:

Cover your work area with the magazine pages, wax paper or whatever you’ve decided to use.
You’ll need two pages from the magazine – One for each color of paint. Smear a thin coat of paint on the pages big enough for your child’s hand to fit.

Have your child place their palm into the paint and make handprints on the paper/cardstock. Have them do this until the paper is full of their little handprints. Do this step for the right and left hand. One color for right and the other color for the left hand. Set aside for drying

alentine's Day Handprint Craft - Supplies 2 Valentine's Day Handprint Craft - Painted Handprints

Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft Add Glitter

If you’re going to add glitter do it before the paint completely dries. This way as the paint dries the glitter will stick to it. If you’ve already let the paint dry then you can spray some adhesive on the hand print. You can also use a glue stick but make sure the paint is completely dried. After dried cut each hand print out leaving a 1/2 border.

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft - Glitter

Valentine’s Day Handprint Gluing Handprints on the Branch

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft - Branch - Handprint

Arrange the handprints on the branch to your liking. Once you’ve found the perfect location for each hand print, it’s time to glue them on. I used a hot glue gun on our project. When you’re finished gluing on the handprints your Valentine’s Day Handprint Branch is ready for displaying!

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft - Finished Project


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