Travando Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Travando Slim Wallet - Nicely Boxed

Do you remember the wallet your father used to carry around? I don’t remember the color but I remember it fit the entire area of his back pocket. Even when I got my 18 yr. old son his first wallet it was fairly large. Well, my friends times have changed, and wallets are getting slimmer, less bulky.  As a matter of fact, that’s why I am here today because I think you’ll like Travando Slim Wallet as much as we did.

Travando Slim Wallet - Gift Box

Travando Slim Wallet

Before I get into the details of the wallet I’d loved to point out how our wallet arrived. The wallet came nicely boxed in a beautiful black box, which makes it perfect for gift giving. This is one of the things I look for from brands, do they take pride in how they represent their product to the consumers. Travando definitely got a thumbs up for that!

Alrighty, so the packing alone makes Travando Slim Wallet perfect for gift giving. Let’s talk about the wallet itself, shall we?

Travando Slim Wallet - Nicely Boxed


Travando Slim Wallet

This wallet seems like a really nice wallet, the look and feel of it is of good quality. It’s made of a rich dark brown smooth leather. Some of the other features of this wallet that I feel are beneficial is that the clear window pocket that holds your driver’s license is a perfect size. How many times have you or have seen your husband struggle with getting his license free from his current wallet? Well, he won’t with this one!

Travando has also managed to include a money clip inside this wallet too. Yes, a money clip and they still managed to keep the wallet’s design slim. My hubby loves using a money clip, but who wants to carry a money clip and a wallet around at the same time? Well, now he can have his cake and eat it too!

Travando Slim Wallet - Inside Money Clip

Travando Slim Wallet – More features

  • RFID blocking insulation prevents electronic pickpocketing and identity theft; your credit cards in the inner pocket of the wallet are protected from RFID theft.
  • Equipped with a pull strap which, allows you to pull out a stack of cards quickly from the inner pocket.
  • The wallet has 3 card slots, 1 card compartment, one ID window and 1 money clip. It is ideal for carrying credit and debit cards, bills etc. The front pocket notch allows you to push out the cards easily
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY – Their warranty covers any defect caused during product production and delivery. Travando will offer you a full refund or free replacement, whichever is at your most convenience.

Travando Slim Wallet - Card Slot

That’s some really great features if you ask me! If you’re interested in learning more or if you’d like to get yourself a Travando Slim Wallet follow this link to do so.

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