Tips for Planning a Workout You’ll Love!

Tips for Planning a Workout

The important part about working out/exercising is to get the body moving and blood flowing. The benefits of exercise are far more than just losing weight or achieving that “bikini body”. Starting a workout/exercise plan is the easy part, but sticking to it can be a difficult task. But if you actually enjoyed your workout, it might be easier to stick to it, right? Today I want to share some tips for planning a workout you’ll love.

Tips for Planning a Workout You'll Love - Discipline

Tips for Planning a Workout You’ll Love

Some things to remember when you start planning your workouts.

  • Plan your workouts to suit your needs.
  • Workouts should be focused towards your goals.
  • Most importantly your physical abilities.
  • Plan workouts that use equipment you have/or plan to purchase
  • Make your workouts fun.

Let’s discuss a few of the tips above. Your workouts should suit your needs, and be focused on areas of your goals. If you want to get toned legs and build leg muscles focus on exercises that will help you achieve that goal. When you plan your exercises test a few of the exercises you’ve found. Ex: Lunges work great for building & toning leg muscles, but if you have bad knees that’s probably not the right exercise for you. Make sure that the exercises you add to your workout are suitable for you and your bodies abilities. I also suggest never starting an exercise program without consulting your Dr.

One big mistake I’ve personally made and have seen others make is planning a workout and not having the right equipment to follow through. I love leg presses, but sure as heck can’t afford to buy the equipment to do it at home. I’ve had several gym memberships, but let’s face it the weight room at the gym isn’t very woman friendly. So I’ve learned to plan my workouts around the equipment I have. There have been a few times I’ve planned and then bought what I needed, but let’s face it no one can say “ok, I am adding this exercise now I need the equipment”.

Tips for Planning a Workout You’ll Love – Make it fun

I think one thing other than seeing results that have kept me going is because I keep it fun. How do you make working out fun? How the heck can you say exercising is fun? Well, what I mean is you can work out to music, if you have a TV in your workout area put on your favorite soap, listen to the news. Do cardio while reading a book.

I have a treadmill and a stabilized bike while I do my bike exercises I read, or look around Pinterest and Instagram on my iPad. It’s also a good time to catch up on your favorite blogs etc. Working out doesn’t have to be pedal to the metal and no fun. Make it fun!

Tips for Planning a Workout You’ll Love – Change up the Routine

If you’ve been doing the same routine over and over again two things happen. The first being you’ll get bored and the second being your muscles will get bored too. You’ve got to mix it up. If you’ve been doing the same routine for 3 months, it’s time to change things up.

There are so many different exercises you can do to work all the different muscles. You’ve just got to do a little research. You can find tons of interesting workouts on Pinterest, I actually have a board of all the exercises that I like doing. I have also pinned my saved workouts there too.

Over the course of my fitness journey, I will be sharing more of workout routines and exercises. You’ll also find low carb lifestyle articles and delicious low carb recipes. Please follow along on the social media networks listed on the right side of my blog.


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