Summer Memories – Summer Sun

Summer Memories

Sometimes escaping a memory is hard, sometimes it takes more than just trying to forget. I think the Summer Memories are the hardest to let go of. They seem to linger and find you during those cold winter days.

Summer Memories

Staring out into the deep blue sea it beckons me,
calling me as it laps at my ankles.
As each wave crests and crashes to the shore,
it grants me the escape I’ve been longing for.

I want to escape but the salty sea air,
and the sand on my skin brings me back.
Back to that day, that very spot,
that summer day I spent with him.

The day we walked along the beach,
sharing our dreams, laughing and flirting.
The day I watched him bury his toes in the sand,
that day I fell deeper in love with him.

I push it aside and take another step further into the water,
closing my eyes I feel the waves gently nudging me deeper.
Deeper and deeper into the water,
with each step I am closer to escaping him.

In the distance a sea gull screeches,
another wave crashes against the shore.
The sounds of laughter, the roar of a boat,
all disturbing my peaceful escape.

Surprised at how deep I had gone,
how far from the shoreline I was.
I realize this is the closest to escaping him I’ve come.

Can’t they see it’s what I need?
Why must the memories bring be back to this place.
Back to that day, the day I spent with him,
a memory I can’t escape.

Thanks for stopping by and reading Summer Memories a poem written in 2011. I have a few more poems I’ve written over the years, that I will be adding over time. Some times things are left in the past … right?

Summer Memories linger through the heat of the summer, and well into the long winter nights. Summer time is a time for sand on your toes, the heat of the sun and sound of the ocean. It seems like these memories stick around the longest.

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