American Foundation Suicide Prevention – Out of the Darkness Walk 2017

Suicide Prevention - Out of the Darkness Walk 2017

*** Trigger Warning *** Please be aware that below I share my personal feelings on losing my father and brother-in-law to suicide. If you get easily upset over this type of subject I’d like to invite you to read another one of my articles on Crafting. I will be participating in this year’s Suicide Prevention – Out of the Darkness Walk 2017 remembering not only my own losses but I will be walking for all who have lost a loved one to suicide.

American Foundation Suicide Prevention – Out of the Darkness Walk 2017

Before I share some of my personal story I wanted to share more information about the Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Walks.

What is an Out of the Darkness Walk? (My personal experience) 

The Out of the Darkness Walks for me and most importantly helped me understand that I wasn’t alone. The walk brings together many people who have lost a loved one to suicide. In a helpless situation, it helps you feel like you’ve done . . . something. It gives you hope in a situation where you may have lost all hope. It also does something deeper more intimate, but I don’t know how to put into words.

When we lose a loved one we don’t EVER forget them, but the walk helps you remember more than the reason why you’re walking. Like I said I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe my story below will help you understand. For me, that was some of the most important things I took from my first Out of the Darkness Walk. But there many other benefits like what the American Foundation Suicide Prevention does.

Other Benefits of an Out of the Darkness Walk

The American Foundation Suicide Prevention are behind the Out of the Darkness Walks which are held in all 50 states. The AFSP has a mission, which is to help Save Lives and Bring Hope to Those Affected by Suicide. To achieve their mission, AFSP engages in the following:

  • Fund scientific research (some of the funds are raised by the Out of the Darkness Walks).
  • Offer educational programs for professionals.
  • Educate the public about mood disorders and suicide prevention.
  • Promote policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention
  • Provide programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss and people at risk, and involve them in the work of the Foundation.

Fundraising for the Out of the Darkness Walks

When you participate in a walk, you also try to help raise money to support the above-mentioned things. This is not mandatory to participate in a walk, but it’s beneficial to cause. All funds raised from each Out of the Darkness Walk goes toward following things:

  • Fund Research for Suicide Prevention
  • Create and Distribute Education Programs
  • Advocate for Public Policy
  • Support Survivors of Suicide Loss

Suicide Prevention – Out of the Darkness Walk 2017 – Taking place in all 50 States.

If you’re interested in donating (see my donation link below) or would like to find out when an Out of the Darkness Walk will be taking place in your area visit here. You will find tons of information about what the AFSP does, where walks are being held, facts behind suicide, and so much more. Please visit them if you’d like to learn more.

Suicide Prevention – Out of the Darkness Walk 2017 – Why I am walking (trigger warning)

I walk to in remembrance of my father John, and my brother-in-law Eddie. I loved both of these guys and it sadden me beyond words when I heard about each of their suicides. My father took his own life over 10 years ago, and my brother-in-law took his life 4 years ago.

Both of these men were hard workers and supportive loving fathers. My father had taken his life long before Eddie became my brother-in-law, but as I think about them now I realize how they were very much alike in many ways.

My father would work into the wee hours as a furniture maker, and Eddie would work into the wee hours doing body work and painting cars in his shop. They worked so hard for their families and would give the shirt off their backs for anyone in need.

A couple of things I’ll always treasure about my father was how giving he was, and how even with all the craziness happening he’d always take the time to sit and play with my sister and I . I was daddy’s little girl and he was our rock. My daddy’s favorite thing to say was ” you’ve made your bed, now lie in it” I never understood that saying until I was older. But it’s something that to this day I can hear him saying it to different people.

Even thou Eddie lived in another state, I treasure the times we visited or he visited us. He was so funny, he would come up with some of the funniest stuff. Seriously in the middle of dinner, lunch or whatever he’d crack a joke and have the entire room laughing. It wouldn’t even be a joke, it normally was just a phrase. It’s just something I’ll always remember about him, that and the love he had for his girls. Eddie loved racing his car and got so excited talking about his races. His favorite saying was “The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car, it’s the one that refuses to lose.”

You’re both missed dearly, and loved beyond words.

Walking not only for me but . . . 

I not only walk in remembrance of my father John and my brother-in-law Eddie, but I walk in support of my husband Kevin who lost his little brother, for my sister Catina who lost her father, for my in-laws Mary Ann and Edward. who lost their son, for my sister-in-laws Christine & Kelly who lost their brother. I walk for my nieces Sarah and Kaitlyn that lost the father they adored, for my nephews Brett & Branden who lost an uncle, for my kids who will never meet their grandfather, and for everyone else out there that has lost a loved one to suicide.

Show your support by sponsoring our team. 

If you’d like to show your support for me and the cause I walk for, please make a donation below by clicking on the image. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Suicide Prevention - Out of the Darkness Walk 2017

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