Small Crafting Area – The Ugly Space

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Machine - Debbie's Musings 2

I have been working on my small crafting area for a little over two weeks now. Honestly I wasn’t very confident I’d be able to turn my small space into something I’d completely enjoy. Before going further into my reveal I want to give a shout out to the Hub’s. He’s completely amazing! He’s watched me take over many little spaces in our house over the years, and does it with a smile. This time I’ve taken over a nice little chunk in our bedroom, which is known as Deb’s Place or my small crafting area.

Story behind the Small Crafting Area

We’ve had a few life changing happenings during this last year. My daughter and grand-babies moved back home and I converted my newly converted fitness/craft room into a room the girls could enjoy. I love having the girls around and happily boxed up/moved and stored many of my crafting supplies.

Over the course of 6 months, I’ve managed to clean out two closets and unbox most of it. But never really had my own space for crafting. I’d pull things out and use the craft table which is now the girl’s art/homework desk from time to time. This worked but if you’re knee-deep into a project and you have to move/clean it up it doesn’t make it easy to actually get a project done. Sharing the table with the girls for easy projects is fine, but for lengthy ones, it didn’t work out so well. I eventually stuck to small craft projects that could be done within a couple of hours.

The real story behind the Small Crafting Area

Please don’t take any of this as complaining my grand-daughters and daughter mean the world to me. I was happy and content with small projects. Happy using the kitchen table, coffee table and any other place I found un occupied. But then the Hub’s got me my Christmas gift! What did he get me? You can read the linked article to learn more about it or just keep reading.

The Hub’s got me my pretty mint green baby… a shiny new Cricut Explore Air 2 . . . my new bundle of joy! In the above linked article I talk about how I’ve shopped/dreamed and debated getting Cricut for 2 years now. I finally have one and I love it! But I needed an area to actually use my new beauty. I tried many of different options prior to taking over the small crafting area, which is now known as Deb’s Place. I tried the kitchen table, the coffee table and even took over our bed two evenings in a row. These just weren’t working I’d end up with aches and pains. These ol’bones don’t bend and stay happy in one position like they used too. I decided it was time to create a space.

Small Crafting Area – Take One

I started off with two cute storage carts, a cute black refurbished table and chair next to my bed. My room is the only place in the house that I could actually take space from. The rest of the house is pretty much already occupied. It looked cute and was enough space for some of my supplies. But I had no place to actually design my projects, work on them etc. Again I’d sit on the edge of my bed and design etc. Not friendly to these ol’bones either.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Machine - Debbie's Musings

So plan B came into action, I had to rearrange and organize the room. I finally got an area that I had been using for a filing cabinet and a little book shelf. The things were easily moved to other areas of the house, the filing cabinet went into my closet and now doubles up as a shelf. The book-case is now in the girl’s room which is probably the best place for it anyways. Now I had a decent sized area for my crafting space.

Small Crafting Area – Take Two

I had the space which left me with finding the table, and a few decorations to make the space pretty. My sewing table would be perfect. But it was in the living room and was being used as a computer desk for the girls. I had already planned on moving their laptop to their room, as they love listening to music while having free time on the computer.

Now I had the space and table, it was time to get to work organizing. I moved this and that and hung this and that. I ended up with what I would call an ugly craft space. No really it was so plain and so uninviting, I believe it might have sucked the creativity out of me. See below and tell it is doesn’t say boring! Ok minus the pop of pink on my desk otherwise. . . boring!

Small Crafting Area - The ugly space

Then . . . my creative mind got to thinking, and I was sure my pretty new mint beauty would come in handy now. It was time to get to work and transform this small crafting area into something a little bit more me. I have some great ideas and can’t wait to share the transformation with you all!

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