Small Crafting Area Transformation

Small Crafting Area Transformation - 1

Creating the perfect crafting area isn’t an easy task! Especially when your head is full of ideas. If you’re anything like me the struggle is real because you want to use them all! Well 2 weeks and three days later I think I am finally done with my crafting area. Maybe . . . *smiles*. First let me remind you how it looked before. Not so glamorous . . . right?  Well I am about share with you my Small Crafting Area Transformation. The best part was that I used things I already had lying around the house. You’ll see how I took misc. junk and used them in a big way.

Small Crafting Area Transformation

Small Crafting Area Transformation

I knew I wanted to fill the empty spaces on the walls with cute crafty artwork, and transform my ugly bulletin board into . . . well something less ugly. There were things I had that I wanted to utilize like my Deb’s Place wall sign, some wooden and glass frames, and some cute black, pink storage boxes. One thing I really wanted to stick too was the color scheme of black, white, pink and gold. The furniture is a dark cherry color and I didn’t want to change it permanently, so that stays too.

There was one thing I did want to add to my crafting area. I wanted to find something that would hold 12 x 12 paper and cardstock. I had already checked at Michael’s and they had something I just didn’t want to spend the $50+ on it. You could say I am getting cheaper and thriftier in my ol’age. If I couldn’t find something for less than $13, which is what I spent on the storage box I already had then I didn’t need it.

Small Crafting Area Transformation
Thrift Store Hunting – The Perfect Paper Storage Cabinet

We have a Lighthouse Thrift Store and a Salvation Army that I hadn’t visited in a long time. My first stop was Salvation Army. I found a gold/beige file box that I knew I’d find something to do with. It was only $2 so I grabbed it. I did see two dressers that would be fun to repurpose. But seriously if I brought home 2 more dressers, the Hub’s wouldn’t be smiling and I’d probably get a scolding.

Next stop was the Lighthouse Thrift Store. They always have nice things that can be repurposed for really… really good prices. First stop was the furniture area, and that’s when I found it! The perfect craft paper storage cabinet!! No seriously she is perfect and almost flawless too. The price? Oh ha!

Did I mention it was “real” let me repeat it “real” wood. She looked so dainty and lonely. But when I tried to pick her up and put her in my shopping cart I realized she wasn’t as dainty as I had thought. This baby was heavy. Anyways she only cost me $12.50! She was $25 which I think I’d probably happily paid for her. But that day happened to be 50% off day. . . so big score for me! I also found a couple wooden square cube shelves, that I ended up sticking in my craft storage closet. I now had everything I needed it was time to get this show on the road.

Small Crafting Area Transformation
Making it happen

Small Crafting Area Transformation

First I had to get everything I might use painted. This would make it easier when I started creating the wall art etc. Sticking to my color scheme, I painted a frame black, a few smaller ones gold, and one pink. I also had a small wooden crate that I painted gold. Then I found some crown molding from a project 6 years ago and painted those too. I had an idea for them!

Next step was to get the artwork printed/cut. I found some cute crafty artwork inspirations on Pinterest and made 3 of the ones I liked. The first was my Keep Calm and Craft On sign on the large black frame. I also made a cute eat, sleep, create, repeat sign using the gold frame and then my favorite “this is my happy place” sign went on the bulletin board. I’ll share the how to’s for them later in the week. Oh! They were all cut using my Cricut machine.

I had a large metal key I glued to the center of the pink frame and thought it was perfect. The gold frames had a little metal tabby thing in the center so that worked out well for my magnet clips. The artwork is pretty much done. . . for now! Next was to transform the ugly bulletin board.

Small Crafting Area Transformation
Ugly Bulletin Board into a Beauty!

First thing I did was to cover the cork area with burlap. Then do you remember that crown molding I painted? Well I knew the pieces would come in handy! They fit almost perfectly on the long sides of the bulletin board. Using my hot glue gun I glued them into place. I also had an old floating shelf that was lying around, so I hot glued it to the top of the board. With the sides and top done I had to add something to the bottom to tie it all in. So . . . I took a yard stick and added it to the bottom, which now looks like a small shelf. (yes I painted the yard stick with all the other stuff, hey a girl never knows when she’ll need a black yardstick!) 

Small Crafting Area Transformation - Wallart

Ugly Bulletin Board the transformation continues

When I added the molding to the board there was a center seam where the two pieces met. I didn’t like the way it looked so I added some ribbon, buttons and other crafty items to hide it. I did this for both sides. It looks super cute now and you’d never know there was a seam in the wood there. I also wanted to hide the seam of where I attached the molding to the bulletin board, so I took the same ribbon and glued it all along the side seam. I then added some gold screw in hooks to the bottom little shelf, which would be the place I’d hang all my Cricut tools.

The only thing left to do was to add the “this is my happy place” sign to the upper area. Once I added the letters I thought it needed a little pop, so I cut out a medium-sized gold heart and added it. Now that was just what it needed.

The girls are always handing me drawings they’ve made for me. I thought it would be cute to have a string with baby clothes pins for their art. Somewhere I had little gold screw hook thingy and some pretty pink string, which would work perfectly. Yep I was right it was now perfect.

Small Crafting Area Transformation – Almost done!

Next was the desk! I had already added the white with polka dots to the top. But I wanted to remove the pink pop and add a gold pop. This was entrusted to my friend called duck tape. I removed the pink and added the gold. Don’t worry none of it is attached directly to the wood, and if so the purpose of covering it was to hide the scratched up top. I’ll eventually refinish it. . maybe.

Next I added my black with gold lamp to the desk. I tied a pink ribbon around the shade to add a little pop. Then I spray painted some square vases I had gold, they would hold my pens, scissors, and glue sticks. I also found some paper lanterns and flowers that I wanted to add to the wall. But first I painted the lanterns white and gold and hung them in the corner.

At this point I decided my area was as close to perfect as I could get it. I actually ran out of things to add. *giggles* I am sure over the course of time I’ll rearrange and add things here and there. But for now I love … love my small crafting area transformation! I have thought about a tiny chandelier right about the lanterns. But that would cost money and when I started this project I said I’d use what I had.

Small Crafting Area Transformation - 1

What do you think? Have you had the task at turning a small area into something useable?



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