Setting up A Home Gym – Tips and Ideas

Setting up A Home Gym

Unless you’re looking for major gains, or training for a marathon an at home gym could work for you. A few things you might consider before setting up a home gym would be your goals, and how much space can you afford to give for the gym. I have personally moved our home gym in and out of 3 different rooms and now have almost everything in our garage.

Setting up A Home Gym

I think knowing what you’d like to accomplish in your gym is the first and most important step to setting it up. If you are looking to build some muscle, do a little cardio and some yoga stretches then you won’t need massive equipment and weights. Basically, a treadmill or stationary bike, a few different sized weights, and some mats would be perfect.

If you’re looking to build muscles, lose fat and continue strength training you’d need more space and a full set of weights, weight bench and possibly a weight machine you could do various lifts with. Let’s talk about different set ups.

Setting up A Home Gym - My Gym

Setting up A Home Gym

Some of the basic essentials for setting up a home gym include.

  • mats
  • stability ball
  • exercise bands
  • kettlebells
  • dumbbells
  • basic adjustable weight bench
  • medicine ball
Setting up A Home Gym

If you’re looking to do some weight training and cardio then some of the following are suggested

  • treadmill
  • stationary bike
  • weight bench with adjustable racks
  • set of weights
  • weight training gloves
  • weight machine

Setting up A Home Gym - Treadmill - Weight Machine

Setting up your home gym doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

If you set a goal then put the plan into motion you’re going to realize it’s easier than you thought. I started off with simple stuff like stretch bands, 5  and 10 lb dumbbells. But soon realized that I wanted more than to just build some strength and tone. I wanted to build muscle and continue to build my strength.

I then added a weight machine that allows me to do various workouts. It’s not like the ones you use at the gym, but it works for my current goals. If I ever decide I want to train for a marathon or competition then I am sure that joining a gym would be more realistic. I am sure the Hubs will turn his nose up at the idea of me turning our bedroom into a real gym.

Setting up A Home Gym - weights - mirror

Setting up A Home Gym 

I currently have a good set up and believe I’ve got what I need for my goals. It’s nothing over the top nor did we spend tons of money on. I think the most expensive thing was our treadmill, I didn’t use it much before a month ago when I decided I wanted to push the fat loss more.

I would like to add an adjustable weight bench with adjustable weight stands.  There are a few exercises that aren’t easily done on a floor mat or standing that this equipment would be perfect for. But just like me my at home gym is a work in progress. I would love a leg press too! But that’s not affordable or something I can justify spending the money on. I did come across this DIY leg press on Pinterest today and thought. . . maybe … just maybe this is do able!

DIY Leg Press

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Over the course of my fitness journey, I will be sharing more of workout routines and exercises. You’ll also find low carb lifestyle articles and delicious low carb recipes. Please follow along on the social media networks listed on the right side of my blog.


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