Robo-Dog Airborne DVD by Lionsgate Entertainment


“Go fetch” reaches new heights in Robo-Dog Airborne a super cute family friendly movie. The movie will arrive on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand March 14, 2017. Lionsgate Home Entertainment has done it again in creating another family fun night movie.

The world’s most advanced K-9 loses his family, and his memory chip. It’s up to his best friend Tyler and his scientist dad to find him and bring him home!
Robo-Dog Airborne DVD

Official Synopsis:

After creating the perfect pooch for his son Tyler, genius dad Tom (Patrick Muldoon, “Days of Our Lives”) gets called away. When Tyler and his wacky nerd friend Barry head off to a science fair, Robo-Dog runs away and has his memory chip erased.

After starting a new life with a computer whiz and his adorable daughter, will this high-tech terrier ever find his way home to his rightful master?

Cast and Crew

Jonathan Silverman –  TV’s “The Single Guy,” Weekend at Bernie’s
Patrick Muldoon – Stigmata, Starship Troopers
Michael Campion –  Netflix’s “Fuller House”

Robo-Dog Airborne DVD Special Features

• “Ruff Cut: Behind the Scenes of Robo-Dog: Airborne” Featurette
• TV’s “Minuscule” Bonus Episodes
• “A Cruel World”
• “Insect High Velocity”
• “A Rolling Snail Gathers No Moss”
• “Infernal Anthill”

Look for Robo-Dog Airborne,  in the family friendly section of your favorite store on March 14, 2017.

Robo-Dog Airborne

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  1. Sounds like a cute movie.My son would love to watch this.

  2. Sounds like a good movie for the whole family. My girls and I would have a movie night at home and watch this.


  3. Sounds like a cute movie! Sharing! #ProductReviewParty

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