Raising Children Cheaply- Talks with Kayden

Raising Children - Talks with Kayden

The other day while enjoying snack time with the girls Kayden started talking about Raising Children Cheaply. She definitely has some pretty good ideas, just not sure how her future children will take it all! She’s so stinking cute and really puts a lot of thought into things. Kayden is an 8 yr. old going on 30. Ughh! Well let’s get on with our Talks with Kayden story shall we?


Raising Children Cheaply - Talks with Kayden

Raising Children Cheaply- Talks with Kayden

Here’s how our conversation went.

Kayden: Grandma, can you give your child your personality?

Me: Well I believe that when children are born they carry parts of their mother and father’s personality traits with them. Giving her an example – I love drawing and your mom loves drawing, and my dad drew. So I believe I got some of his personality traits and passed them to your mom. Understand?

Kayden: Yes, but can you make your child have your personality?

Me: I think we can try to get our children to like/do the same things we did/do. But no matter how hard we try if a child doesn’t like the thing you’re trying to pass to them it’s not going to work. Again I gave her an example –  We tried really hard to get your Uncle involved in sports, from t-ball, football, soccer etc. he just didn’t want any part of sports.

I also mentioned that sometimes it’s just better to let your children be who they are, instead of trying force things on them. It can also be expensive trying to push your personality trait off on your child. Because like with her Uncle it wasn’t cheap putting him in all those after-school sports only to see him not interested.

She sat there for a second, I could see her the wheels in her bright mind just a turning. Then she looks over at me and continues.

Raising Children Cheaply conversation continues:

Kayden: Well grandma here’s how I plan to do it. When my child is ready for outside things, I will buy a soccer ball, football, and whatever else I like doing now. I will then tell her to go into the back yard and play with the toys I bought. I will watch and see what ones she plays the most with. That way I can give her my personality and she won’t notice.

Me: Hmm, that sounds pretty interesting.

Kayden: Yes, and if she like a sports I am not going to let her play on a team. But she can play in the yard with her friends. This way I will save money in two ways. One way is by not paying someone for her to play with, and second way is if she’s playing in our yard she can’t get hurt. This way I will save money on doctor bills I don’t need. Raising Children Cheaply is how I am going to do it.

Me: Wow, that’s a really great idea. So you’ll get everything you like for your child? Then you’ll let her have all the friends she wants over and they can play in the yard? This way will save you money on team sports fees, and hospital bills? Right?

Kayden: Yes! But I also will not let my child take toys to her friend’s house. I will buy her baby dolls for home these will be good baby dolls. I will also buy cheap baby dolls she can take to her friend’s house. This way if she takes a toy to her friends she’s taking the toys that we won’t care if they get broken. Also, this will help when she goes to a friend’s house she can play with her own toys. This will save me money because she isn’t playing with someone else’s toys so I won’t have to replace other kid’s toys.

Me: You’ve really thought about this long and hard haven’t you? You’ve come up with some really money-saving tips. I wished I had known about them when your mommy was little.

During this conversation all three of us sat there drinking our milk and eating cookies. I sadly admit that we all ate far too much. I also believe that she had her fill on cookies and ‘life conversations’ cause she then said.

Raising children cheaply continued . . .

Kayden: Grandma I think I have a good belly right now and rubs her belly showing how stuffed she was.

Me: Yes, I think we all ate like little piggies and should probably put these cookies away. I look over at Elizabeth, whom during this whole conversation was pretty entertained by cookies and milk. I say to her, you full of cookies yet? She responds my tummy is so full. I then tell the girls thanks for a great talk, and for eating cookies with me.

At this point Elizabeth jumps down and runs to wash her hands in the bathroom. Kayden had a final thought to add to our conversation.

Kayden: Grandma, did you like my life talk on how I am going to be a cheap mom? I can’t believe I just talked about all that serious stuff. Can I go play?

Me: Yes, Kayden I loved your life talk. I think you’ve got some good views, you’ll have to let me know how your child does with your ideas. But Kayden, I was wondering do you think I should be more cheap with you and Izzy?

Kayden gives it a very quick thought and replies, “no grandma, that’s just how I am going to be a cheap mom!” Rubbing her tummy she walks away.

She really is an 8-year-old going on 30! There are too many grown-up topics running around in her pretty little head. It’s scary sometimes that she’s 8 but thinks stuff like this. Maybe it’s my fault? I am often reminding them that water isn’t free, don’t waste it. Electricity isn’t free, turn off lights. Food isn’t cheap, so eat what they ask for. I’ve even taught them that Christmas presents aren’t free. Santa brings them the presents, but someone has to pay for them.

Wrong or right I believe all children should know the value of money, the meaning of family, and to know that friends are great make lots of them, but family comes first! Aah, am I doing exactly what Kayden’s conversation started off as? Am I trying to make my grand-children have my personality? Maybe in her eyes..

Conversations with my grand-children are what keep me sane, and keep me from being lonely. They have taught me to take a step back, slow down and remember an unwashed sink of dishes, a load of dirty clothes and a little bit of mess comes after family!

Our conversation started with her asking about personality and ended with her telling me how she’s plans on raising children cheaply. 


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