Product Review and Giveaway Guidelines

Looking to target a specific niche audience? Want to promote your products to help boost your sales? How about getting more visibility for your website? Well if you are then you’ve come to the right place! Because Debbie’s Musings (perviously known as Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind) has been doing product reviews and hosting giveaways for over 6 years now.

Debbie’s Musings is a popular blog specializing in the blogging, crafting, lifestyle, DIY’ers, parenting, grandparents, cooking, life with kids related articles, and specializes in featuring great products and giveaways. My readers are not only engaged readers, but they will buy if you sell the right products!

Debbie’s Musings is read by many folks every month and most of them have their own websites or blogs. So if your product or services are targeting the bloggers or readers, who are interested in blogging, crafting, lifestyle articles, DIY’ers, parenting, grandparents, cooking, life with kids, and product review/giveaway Debbie’s Musings is the best blog for you to have your product featured on! Read more below about our guidelines.


Product Review and Giveaway Guidelines

Requirements from the Brand:

A non-returnable full sized product is required to have your product featured here at Debbie’s Musings. This will help me in providing my readers the most accurate and honest review of the product/service. I throughly test and use each product sent to me to be featured here at Debbie’s Musings.

Please note that receiving a product to review does not guarantee that Debbie’s Musings will feature that item. I have yet to come across a product that didn’t meet my standards and approval so this rarely happens.

What you get in your Featured Product Review:

Every featured Product Review will be a 300 – 500 word article. The article will include detailed information about the product, and digital photographs.

Also included will be purchase information, ‘Nofollow’ links to your site and product. 2 (two) links to your social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Every featured product review article will be share in my social media networks. The product review article will be shared every 2 days for 1 week time frame, then I will share it once a week for the next three weeks. This will give your product a total of 1 month sharing exposure. This type of promotion will drive more traffic to your product, potentially increase your sales, and give readers an insight of what your company sells/offers etc.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my Product Review Guideline please feel free to contact me by using my contact form.

Giveaway Guidelines

I get a lot of requests to feature/host giveaways here at Debbie’s Musings and welcome them! They are a big help in getting the brand and myself extra exposure. If you’re interested in doing a giveaway here at Debbie’s Musings there are a couple of ways to go about doing so.

1 – You can include a giveaway for my readers with your Product Review feature. Ex: if you had me review your product/service and would like to also host a giveaway in that same article I can quickly add the giveaway.

2 – Then if you’d like for me to host a giveaway without a product review I can do so as well. This will require a product being sent to myself prior to giveaway going live. This helps me determine if the product I am hosting a giveaway for suits the quality and standards of my readers.

Every giveaway hosted here at Debbie’s Musings will be done so using either Giveaway Tools or Rafflecopter. These are both great giveaway systems.

Entries for the giveaways will include the following, each giving the reader one entry/chance to win the giveaway item:

Visit the Brand’s website
Like the Brand on Facebook
Follow Brand on Twitter

Like Debbie’s Musings Facebook
Follow Debbie’s Musings on Twitter
Tweet about the Giveaway
Share the Giveaway

Leave a comment after visiting brand’s website on which product they’d like to see me giveaway next.

As always I am open to suggestions on adding different entries, but over the years of hosting giveaways these seem to get the most.

Prize Shipment:

I will collect the winners information, and send it along to the Brand after giveaway ends. It will be your responsibility to send out the winner’s prize. I encourage prizes to be sent within 2 weeks of giveaway ending.

If you have any questions or comments regarding my Product Review and Giveaway Guidelines please feel free to contact me.