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Tools4Wisdom Planner - Front Cover

I love all things planners and journals. If I was honest with myself, I’d probably admit I might have a slight problem with hoarding them. I always have good intentions with I buy them, really I do! Today I’d like to introduce Tools4Wisdom Planner my new passion, and I am gonna tell you why.

Tools4Wisdom Planner - Inside Cover

Tools4Wisdom Planner – Planner Love

I love the Tools4Wisdom Planner for many reasons. I think mostly because it’s focuses on important things like:
Thought Provoking Questions to help you better understand your goals
Daily schedules in 30 minute increments
That’s just a few things that really pop out at you when you open the planner.

Tools4Wisdom Planner – Planner Love ~ The Cover

Tools4Wisdom Planner - Front Cover

Normally I’d mention this first because I am a visual person. It’s all about the pretty things for me. Seriously I think most people are like this, but for me it’s something I have to really control at times. Why do I say this? Well I am one of those that will choice a book by it’s cover. But I don’t think like that when it comes to people. Weird I know.

But back to what I mean, I can find something that is so pretty but doesn’t make sense to actually buy it. Like a planner if I see the beauty of it first, I’ve often overlooked if it’s really going to help me achieve what I want. Anyways this planner is not only pretty outside but it will also help with my planning too.

Tools4Wisdom Planner - Goal Mind Map

Tools4Wisdom Planner – Planner Love ~ This planner works

If you’re looking for a great affordable planner then I suggest you check out Tools4Wisdom Planners. They have different styles to choice from and you can even get a smaller version too. This is a very thought provoking, goal oriented planner. Not only does it help you get organized it keeps you thinking on a daily basis about goals you set in the beginning. Not many planners will actually remind you about your goals, let alone ask you if it’s still important.

Tools4Wisdom Planner - Back Cover - Printables

Tools4Wisdom Planner – Planner Love ~ Where you can find the planner

Tools4Wisdom Planners can be bought on Amazon here. You can also follow them in the following social media outlets.

Facebook – Tools4Wisdom Planner
Twitter – Tools4Wisdom Planner

Trust me you’re going to love this planner! Stay tuned for more Planner Love articles.

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