Talks with Kayden – You are pretty without makeup

Talks with Kayden

Before we get to the talks with Kayden, I’d like to tell you how I feel about being a grandma. As a mom I love my children dearly, and wouldn’t let anything happen to them.  Just like most moms, I’d put my own needs aside for theirs. Basically mess with my children, and I’ll destroy you faster than a Category 5…

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Halloween Crafts & Decor

Halloween Handprint Spider Craft


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have always loved the spooky scary stuff, but at the same time I get scared. I know sounds weird doesn’t it? Most of you are excited around this time of year for football, and for the Hub’s its all about football right now. So while he’s busy watching the games I’ll be…

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Married Life Fun – The Deb N Kev Show

Married Life Fun - Debbies Musings

The Deb N Kev Show is a series reflecting on our married life, the hilarious conversations we have, and the oddest predicaments we manage to get ourselves into. Why did I create the Deb N Kev Show? The Hub’s and I have been together almost 15 yrs. In March of 2017 we will be celebrating our 13th. anniversary. We have often…

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Rebranding Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind to Debbie’s Musings

Hello friends, family and lovely readers! Welcome to Debbie’s Musings the rebranding Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind. Rebranding Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind I decided to rebrand Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind because of the road my life suddenly took. I found myself spending more time with the grand-babies, more time doing crafts with them, and realized…

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Debbie’s Musings – Code of Ethics

Debbies Musings Logo

Code of Ethics  Debbie’s Musings will never make stuff up. What does this mean? It means that if you read a product review/or a service review it’s because I actually used the products/service. On occasions a product will also be reviewed by another household family member, in that case I will disclose this in the review. I was always taught, If…

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Summer Memories – Summer Sun

Summer Memories

Sometimes escaping a memory is hard, sometimes it takes more than just trying to forget. I think the Summer Memories are the hardest to let go of. They seem to linger and find you during those cold winter days. Summer Memories Staring out into the deep blue sea it beckons me, calling me as it laps at my ankles. As…

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