Wall Art

Valentine’s Day – Super Easy DIY Love Sign

DIY Love Sign

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But you’ve still got time to add this simple DIY love sign. This is something you could actually use all year around if you wanted too. Let’s get started! Supplies needed to make your own DIY love sign: Cricut Cutting Machine (if you’re using one) Frame 11x 17 (or size you prefer) Cardstock or…

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Crafting with Kids

DIY Homework Clipboard – Kayden’s Project

DIY Homework Clipboard - Kayden's Crafting with Kids

We do homework at the kitchen table, with no distractions. I don’t want them going into their room and being distracted by toys, TV etc. This poses a little problem thou. We have a new dinning room table and I don’t want pencil markings in the wood. Most of the time I give Kayden a book or something hard to put…

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My Craft Room

Small Crafting Area Transformation

Small Crafting Area Transformation - 1

Creating the perfect crafting area isn’t an easy task! Especially when your head is full of ideas. If you’re anything like me the struggle is real because you want to use them all! Well 2 weeks and three days later I think I am finally done with my crafting area. Maybe . . . *smiles*. First let me remind you…

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My Craft Room

Small Crafting Area – The Ugly Space

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Machine - Debbie's Musings 2

I have been working on my small crafting area for a little over two weeks now. Honestly I wasn’t very confident I’d be able to turn my small space into something I’d completely enjoy. Before going further into my reveal I want to give a shout out to the Hub’s. He’s completely amazing! He’s watched me take over many little…

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Wall Art

Keep Calm and Craft On Sign – Cricut Project

Keep Calm Craft On Sign - Cricut Craft Project-Debbie's Musings

I have been having a lot of fun with my Cricut Explore Air 2. I’ve made both the girls things like the My Little Pony project I shared previously and a few others I haven’t shared yet. Today I’d like to share with you my Keep Calm and Craft On Sign – Cricut project. As I stated before I have the Cricut…

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Cricut Projects

My Little Pony Cricut Craft Project

My Little Pony Cricut Craft Project-Debbie's Musings

I finally did it! What Deb, what did you do? Well *smiles big* today I created my first Cricut project. Yeah Me! Oh bet you’re wondering what I made? Well I made a super cute My Little Pony Cricut Craft Project for Elizabeth my grand-daughter. Why finally? Well . . . I actually got my new Cricut Explore Air 2 for…

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Raising Children Cheaply- Talks with Kayden

Raising Children - Talks with Kayden

The other day while enjoying snack time with the girls Kayden started talking about Raising Children Cheaply. She definitely has some pretty good ideas, just not sure how her future children will take it all! She’s so stinking cute and really puts a lot of thought into things. Kayden is an 8 yr. old going on 30. Ughh! Well let’s…

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Website Traffic – The work is worth it!

Did You Know - 3D Words

How do you go about getting Website Traffic? Do you use a traffic exchange group? Do you write such interesting articles your traffic just comes to you? Getting website traffic to a new site isn’t easy. I should know I’ve had 3 different blogs and with each start-up traffic was slow at first. Now don’t get me wrong by no…

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