My War Binder – Current Setup

My War Binder - Current Setup

Hello, my loves! It’s a pleasure to have you visiting me here at Debbie’s Musings. Thanks to everyone that have recently shown interest in how My War Binder is set up. I thought it would be much easier to share on my blog than in our groups.

First I want to point out that it took me 2 months to finally get my set up right. Your War Binder – Prayer Journal has to work for you. Trust me once you’ve finally got the set up you love the rest will just flow. After sharing my War Binder set up I will also share some pointers that helped me.

My War Binder – Current Setup

I am currently using a Webster’s Standard Size Traveler’s Notebook in the patent red design. I got mine on Amazon for $22. It comes with 4 insert straps and an insert. Just look at how pretty it is.

My War Binder - Pretty Patent Red Traveler's Notebook by Webster's Pages

I currently have 5 inserts in my War Binder, 4 of which I bought on Amazon. The 5th insert I created from an old journal I had, which is equal to 3 regular inserts you’d get from Amazon. I will share later how I create my own thicker inserts. So if I wanted to use regular inserts I could fit up to 8 using jump straps.

It’s pretty chunky and I love having it chunky. I haven’t tried putting more than 8 inserts, but over time as the material stretches etc. I probably will. My War Binder doesn’t have any folder inserts, zipper pockets or anything but my inserts in my War Binder. I like having it uncluttered of things I don’t use, but you may like having those in yours. I so put little faith-related cards, stickers things like that in the front card area.

My War Binder – My sections/inserts

My first attempt at creating my War Binder – Prayer Journal, I was using an A5 6 ring planner I had meal plans, shopping lists, projects, etc. I got those ideas from my first Bible study, which at the time I thought was a great idea.

But, as I grew in my faith, and moved on to my next Bible Study “Fervent” I realized that keeping a shopping list, projects, and meal plans in my War Binder were taking up space I needed for my faith journey. So my War Binder was definitely a work in progress at this point.

My War Binder - January 2018


The above image is from January the point in my life when I started my faith journey. Those were the things I asked family members to get me for Christmas. I knew in September 2017 what my new’s years resolution was going to be. Read more about the start of my faith journey here.

My War Binder – It’s progression

At the start of the Fervent Bible study I thought I needed more space, so I went bigger and moved to a 3 ring 8″ x 11″ binder. I took out the areas that I didn’t feel was needed and added ones that I felt fit. But I still struggled with it. It wasn’t something that I felt like I needed every day during my God time. At this point in time, I was struggling with trusting God, and I was getting reacquainted with Him.

Driven by determination and God’s will

I was determined to make it work, and probably God was determined too, to keep me on the right path too. So, I pressed further in the Fervent study. Then one day and I believe at this point God was guiding me. It all started to click and that’s when I moved to my current War Binder. But I still hadn’t gotten the sections straight, so it wasn’t yet what I couldn’t live without. I did find it helpful for writing scriptures thou, but then. . .

War Room

My War Binder – Current Set Up

I finished Fervent and loved it so much! I started looking up every Priscilla Shirer study I could find. That’s when I got War Room, the book, Bible study and then I ordered the movie. During this study is when it finally became clear to me what I needed in my War Binder and how I currently have it set up.

I have the following sections/each being 1 insert:

Prayers – I write all my prayers here. I start each prayer before beginning my daily Bible study. It’s important for me to thank God for all his blessings, for another beautiful day, and then I ask him to open my eyes, heart, mind, and soul as I do my study for that day. I ask for his guidance in learning and storing His words in my heart. Then I do my study and close the prayer.

My War Binder - Inside Cover

Gratitude – I use this section to write the prayers that God has answered, to include the date and how He answered them.

My War Binder - Gratitude

Scriptures – This section is where I write out scriptures that move me during my studies. I always date each one I write.

My War Binder - Scripture Cover My War Binder - Scripture Inside My War Binder - Scripture Example

Bible Study –  I use this section to write notes from my Bible studies. I use 1 insert for each study I do, so currently I have one for Fervent, War Room and my current study Discerning the Voice of God. Once I finish a study I remove the insert and store in my War Binder Box. (pink box pictured below) I have yet to not fully fill an insert with notes from my studies.

My War Binder - Bible Study Cover War Binder Box

And last but not least probably my favorite section

My War Binder - Things to Remember Cover My War Binder - Things to Remember Inside My War Binder - Things to Remember Example Page

Things to Remember – This section has become my favorite section, I originally started it as a reference type section for myself. But as I pray more, study more and let God guide me it’s evolved into something more. My hopes are that a family member will stumble upon it will find it useful after I am a long gone.

I now write little messages of Things to Remember, as if I am writing for others to use. I always include a Bible verse that proves the message to be true.  At the end of each month, I close the month with a little message and close with Your loving wife, momma, grandma, or dear friend. I hope that one day, someone will look back and read my messages and take something from them.

My War Binder Closing Thoughts

Remember what works for me, may or may not work for you. Your War Binder has to work for your prayer lifestyle. Some of the things that helped me finally come up with a War Binder I couldn’t live without were the following:

  • I stopped trying to use everyone else’s War Binder to fit my own faith journey.
  • Asking for God’s help in guiding me to set up the War Binder that was on my faith path.

Once I did the two above things, my War Binder came together. I think I was focusing on how other’s did theirs that I couldn’t focus on what God was telling me. Then I finally realize I needed some guidance and who better to ask that God himself. I hope that you find this helpful, I hope that some of my ideas fit your own faith path. I pray that you are able to get your War Binder set up to your liking so that you feel about yours as I do mine.

Have a blessed day!



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  1. Rebecca Boatright says: Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing! My friend and I are going thru The Battle Plan for Prayer together and I’ve been thinking about making a Prayer Journal, but hadn’t quite figured it out. I like all of your sections. Looking forward to seeing how mine develops!

    1. Rebecca, thanks so much for visiting. I am glad you’ve found this helpful.
      You’ll have to stop back by and share it with us. I’d loved to see how they turn out.

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