My Craft Room and War Room Redo

My Craft Room and War Room Redo

In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on My Craft Room and War Room Redo. I figured since I mentioned it I better share some of the things I’ve done. I want to warn you in advance that this post will be image loaded, as I wanted to show some before and afters.

But first many of you may have noticed I’ve been using the word War Room a lot lately. One of the goals I want to accomplish this year is to focus more on my faith. Over the years I’ve fallen short when it comes to my faith. I want to get back to regular Bible studies etc. I just like how more grounded I feel when I am in touch with that part of my life. I’ll be sharing more about my faith and things I’ve been doing later. But let’s get back to the Craft Room – War Room Redo for now.

My Craft Room and War Room Redo
Wall Art & Drapes

Old Craft Room -War Room- DebbiesMusings 5 My Craft Room and War Room Redo - Pink Drapes

Like I mentioned before I wanted to incorporate some pink into the room. I did this by adding some pink drapes, and I also painted my wooden desk a pale pink, and the girl’s art table as well. You can see the difference in the images above.

As you can see in the first image there are blue drapes, the white cubbies pushed together and covered with a blue wildlife clothe. The second image shows the pink drapes, added bookshelf, additional inspiring artwork on the walls, and the white cubbies are now separated.

You can also see a glimpse of the pink table & desk. I’ve also added pops of pink like the pink storage boxes, pink ribbon on the lampshade etc. I believe I was able to incorporate the pink into this room nicely. But there is more. . . wait for it . .

My Craft Room and War Room Redo
The Pink Prayer Board & Faith Inspiring Wall

Old Craft Room -War Room- DebbiesMusings Prayer Board- Faith Wall My Craft Room and War Room Redo - Prayer Board- Faith Wall

So here in the first image, you’ll see the prayer board, 2 bookshelves, and the girls’ art table. There are bits of pink but I wanted more! I wanted to make this room a place that not only did I love to spend time in for crafting. But I wanted it to be a place to focus more on my faith.

They say if you make a room so inviting you’ll find yourself flocking to it. I’ve always liked this room, but its definitely more appealing to me now. But there’s more. . .

My Craft Room and War Room Redo
My Planning/Prayer Journaling Area

My Craft Room and War Room Redo - My Pink Desk

We had a lot of brown furniture when I first decided to use this room as my craft room – war room. My desk which was originally a sewing machine table was a bit beat up on top. I thought of placing a cloth cover over it but then decided to paint it pink. The drawer handles got a touch of antique gold too.  I don’t think it turned out too bad. Next time I’ll refinish it to its natural wood and then stain it. But for now, it works.

My Craft Room and War Room Redo
White Chubbies Desk

My Craft Room and War Room Redo - Cubby Desk My Craft Room and War Room Redo White Cubbies

As you can see in the first image the cubbies were part of a desk. A beautiful desk the Hubs made for me when I had the Craft Room in what is now the girl’s room. I loved that desk because the Hubs made it for me and because I could do almost everything on it.

But we made it in that room and afterward it would not fit through the door. Sadly I had to disassemble it to get it out and in the process, the table top got ruined. For the time being my solution was to cover it with the tablecloth which worked fine, but wouldn’t work that way with my new plan.

I removed the cloth and stored the tabletop (just in case). I had contact paper with black roses on it and used it to cover the tops of the cubbies. So there you have it large desk turned shelving. Oh did I mention they have sturdy wheels on the bottom? They do and it makes them super easy to move around.

My Craft Room and War Room Redo
Empty Photo Frames – Need Ideas

My Craft Room and War Room Redo Empty Photo Frames

I have these cute square photo frames that I have no clue what to put in them. I thought of inspirational words, butterflies to match the larger frame. But still stumped as to what to put in them. They don’t have the glass part or the backing. So I’ve also got to make the back and add a hanger to them. If you have any thoughts as to what I should put in them, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

My Craft Room and War Room Redo
Final Thoughts

My Craft Room and War Room Redo

What would I do differently next time? Honestly, I don’t think I would do much differently.  I love this room and the pops of pink everywhere. BTW I used 3 different shades of pink so that the colors blend. I might add pops of cream or white next time I get the “redo bug”. But . . . for now, I am happy. What do you think? Have you ever done something like this to add a pop of your favorite color? Do you have your own Craft Room – War Room?

I have loads of plans for Debbie’s Musings this year! Be sure to follow me in the social media outlets located on my right sidebar and the footer area of my blog. My next article will be a Cricut Project where I show you how to turn a plain white t-shirt into a pretty shirt for your little girl.


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  3. Debbie Futch says: Reply

    My favorite color is pink too! However, since my war room is off of my bedroom, I tried to keep a slightly matching color scheme, so my prayer/war room is mainly dark wood with red accents and a little bit of pink. I started out with a red upholstered comfy chair, then switched to a brown leather recliner but found it hard to write sitting in them and it also made me a little too comfortable and tempted me to nap lol! Now I have an oak solid wood chair and I sit on a pretty red pillow. I use a medium sized architect’s table that tilts for a desk to write on. My husband made my bookshelf and my son in law gave me a beautiful, tall, glass front antique doctor’s cabinet that holds all my favorite collection of old teddy bears and some pics and other special mementos. The walls are covered with a growing collection of crosses, some framed verses, etc. it has a huge window that faces the front of my property where I can see and hear the birds and wind chimes and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

    I wish I could post pics here.

    Suggestion: I also have picked up some frames over the years that I liked but had no glass or backing. I took one I especially liked and hung it on the wall and hung a decorative cross with a ribbon in the center of it. It’s actually in one of my bathrooms and I get so many compliments on it. Others I have, I have printed out a bible verse or Christian saying and put it on either pretty scrap book paper or ones that I found on the internet that are photos of beautiful scenery and have the verse in the center. Just center it or place it elsewhere inside the frame and use ribbon, silk flowers, fabric butterflies etc. to fill in the empty space. They then are beautiful pieces of art.

    Love your room! I have a large separate craft room that I also use as my “office” because it has a computer and I can print stuff off right there. That room’s normally a mess, so I’m glad it’s separate from my war room and has a door I can close!

    1. Debbie, thanks for dropping by. I will have to grab some frames and use your suggestion. Send me an email with the pictures. :)

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