Ludo and His Instant Dog Tent by Roraima

Instant Dog Tent by Roraima - Ludo

When you take a road trip even the pup has to have an instant dog tent! So the hubby and I have been talking about taking a road trip. Loading up the car with our tent, sleeping bags and drive to various destinations pitching a tent and just spending time together. Well now we have Ludo, we can’t leave him behind especially since he loves car rides. He also has his very own instant dog tent by Roraima and loves it! Ok, for now, it’s more like his doggie playpen. Shh, don’t tell him.

Instant Dog Tent by Roraima - Ludo & Toys

Instant Dog Tent by Roraima

Honestly I never even thought about a tent for Ludo. But one day I was at my wit’s end with him and was searching for a doggie playpen when I stumbled across this instant dog tent. The price was right so I decided to get it, for both a place to have him chill in and also for us to use on our road trip. I also plan on taking Ludo to the beach this summer too and thought it would be perfect to keep him cool.

I love how it came packed in its own carry bag, and it’s about the same size as the bags our chairs are in. The perfect size and great for the beach and our road trip.

Instant Dog Tent by Roraima Instant Dog Tent by Roraima 1

Instant Dog Tent by Roraima -Features

This instant indoor or outdoor dog tent is easy to setup within seconds, product measurements are 42″ x 42″ x 31″. Perfect for your small to med-large pet.

Air ventilation and visible Mesh fabric make your dog closer to nature, the waterproof bottom will help you keep the tent clean and get away from insects or ants etc.

Rain fly not only provides basic protection from the rain but, also provides shade from the sun. It can be removed easily if you want to monitor any movement of your pet inside. Easy to enter zipper door, helps your pet get in and out smoothly.

Instant Dog Tent by Roraima – Ludo Loves His

Instant Dog Tent by Roraima - Ludo Takes a Peek

At first, he wasn’t sure about this new contraption. But all I had to do was toss in a few toys, and he happily hung out. He’ll get used to it the more he hangs out in it. Eventually, I will start zipping it up. I want his to get used to it zipped before our beach and road trip. For more information on this wonderful instant dog tent visit here.

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