Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update

Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update - Month 1

It’s been one heck of a month! I have been sticking religiously to my low/no carb lifestyle plan. It’s been working out pretty good and most of the cravings have gone. I have the worst of the worse addictions to chocolate. . . well, actually it’s an addiction to anything sweet or junk food. Anyways it’s time for my 1 month Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update.

Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update

Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update

As you can see from the image above I’ve lost weight. I like how my cheeks are a little more defined without all that chubbiness. I need to take more weight loss photos, but hate my picture being taken. Ok. I love selfies! But hmm I’ve been lazy about the weight loss photos… that’s my story folks and I am sticking to it!

Weight loss – Month 1 April 23, – May 23

4/23 – 170 lbs with 33% body fat
4/29 – 166 lbs with 31% body fat
5/6 – 160 lbs with 30% body fat
5/21 – 158 lbs with 29% body fat
5/23 – 157 lbs with 28% body fat

My first month I lost 13 lbs and down 5% body fat. I am amazed at the body fat % that I’ve lost. I understand how the Low Carb lifestyle works, but I didn’t expect the body fat % to go so fast. Anyways I have goals, I would love to have a 25% body fat and weigh less than people say I should shoot for. But I would like to weigh 135lbs.

Delicious Chocolate Low Carb Dessert - Featured

Low Carb Weight Lost Fitness Update

Some of the things that I’ve struggled with during this month. I struggle with the love of junk food, I don’t crave it or want it as much as I did a month ago. But if I were honest with myself I could easily pick up a chocolate bar and eat it right now.

What’s stopping me? My addiction to losing weight. I believe that I am one of those extreme people, I either get so far lost in my goals or I do the exact opposite. I am not sure if I’ve ever been able to just comfortably coast. It’s me, it’s been me and I’ll probably take that part of me with me when it’s my time.

I have had days when I’ve sat and made up excuses to just eat whatever I want. Really one day I tried to convince myself that I was a grandma and grandmas were supposed to be chubby and always baking. I am not sure what stopped me, but I ended up sticking to no carbs.

Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update

Exercising? What’s that? Nah, just kidding I go through days when I want to exercise all day and days when I make up excuses for myself. I love walking and could walk for hours.

I also love to lift weights, growing up with my father lifting weights it’s come naturally to me.  For now, my obsession with the numbers on the scale keep me from lifting. I know that muscle weighs more than fat, I also know that the more muscle you have the more fat you’re going to burn. But my scale currently rules me and until I am able to let it go, I’ll be chained to it.

Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update

When you make lifestyle changes, some of what you are giving up comes back and kicks you every once in a while. Like my chocolate addiction, sweet addiction and the chubby chick trapped inside me. But you learn to adapt, you learn to feed those addictions and stick to the plan. Right? Yes, you do! So here are some of the ways that I’ve been feeding that chubby chick that’s trapped inside me.

I refuse to buy and eat those “Sugar -Free” candies, and snacks. The main reason is the sugar alcohols, which for some actually become real sugars. Also, there has been studies stating that some people get stomach issues from sugar alcohols. I don’t want either side effect. It defeats the purpose of “low carb” if you’re eating foods that might potentially use an ingredient as it would a real carb.

Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update
Helping the trapped sugar loving chubby chick in me

Here are some of the things I eat to help my trapped sweet-toothed chubby chick.  I buy Sugar-Free Land O’Lakes Heavy Whipped Cream (the one in a can and can be found in the refrigerated isle) We normally buy 2 cans a week. I use it in my coffee, in a bowl with some cinnamon on top, I’ve also shared a delicious chocolate low carb dessert I make with it.

I also buy sugar-free jello and top it with the whipped cream. It’s deliciously sweet tasting without the sugars and carbs! There are only 20 calories per serving too! It’s my life saver and keeps the sugar-loving chubby chick at bay.

Sweeteners that aren’t “sugar” are no- no for me. I don’t like the way they taste. So I don’t use them, nor do I buy products for myself that contain them. This brings me to how I drink my coffee and tolerate it. I use half and half in my coffee and top it with the whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon.

Low Carb Weight Loss Fitness Update

Well, that’s how I’ve been living the low carb life this past month. I am already 8 days into month 2 and doing alright. By the time I update you on month 2 progress I will have celebrated a birthday. I am turning 21 again! Yeah me!!

If you’ve made a lifestyle change recently and struggle with something that you’ve given up how do you manage? Happy Low Carb Living!



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