Mother’s Day – Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card - 5

The girls and I have been busy in the craft room this afternoon working on Mother’s Day crafts. I had 4 planned but we only finished two. One of the ones we got done was a Mother’s Day – Love You to Pieces Suncatcher Card which turned out super cute.
Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card

Items Needed:
Laminating Sheets/Pouches
Tissue Paper
Card Stock (different colors)
Cricut Machine (but can be made without it) Click here for my Design Space Canvas
Glue Sticks
Jewelry O-rings and Lobster Claws (optional)

If you’re using your Cricut machine click on the above design canvas, and cut all the images on the mat. You’ll notice that there is also a “You Rock” and a circle design on the mat as well. Those are used for our “You Rock” Mother’s Day Pet Rock project. I’ll be sharing that one tomorrow.

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card - Cut Files

If you’re not using a Cricut machine you can still make this cute project. You’ll need to hand cut the card and center heart.

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card – Gluing Part on Card

Glue the word phrases to their backs. The thin Happy Mother’s Day phrase gets glued on top of the puffy one. You’re also going to glue the Made with Love phrase to its back. See above picture for a visual.

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card -1 Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card -3

Next glue the square with the heart in the center to the front of your card, taking care to keep the hearts aligned. Write around the lower edge of the heart “I LOVE YOU TO PIECES”. Add the Made with love to the back center, and glue the Happy Mother’s Day to the inside center, you can see it through the heart cut out. Now it’s time for the fun part!

Cut the tissue paper into tiny squares. Cut a 4″x4″ square from the laminating sheet, with shiny sides down fill in the square with the tissue paper. Leave some space along the edges without tissue paper so that it seals properly. Turn on your laminating machine and laminate the two squares together. Put it through twice.

You may have noticed from your cut files you have a heart shape, using it cut a heart from the laminated square. Leave a little edge around it. Some tissue paper might come loose don’t worry you’re going to seal it up again. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the center upper part of the heart. Laminate it again. If you’d like to make it more durable cut out another heart a little larger than the one you have and laminate the smaller heart.

Add ribbon or O-rings and a lobster claw to the heart suncatcher.

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card -2

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card

We now have to sign our names to the back of the card. Basically, it will say To me, then the made with love from Me. Then you’re going to line the laminated heart suncatcher up with the heart on the card and punch a hole in the card front cover only. This is where you’re going to hang the suncatcher from.

Cut a piece of ribbon and secure the suncatcher to the inside of the card.  See image below for a visual of the suncatcher attached to the card.

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card -3

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card – Final thoughts

The girls and I had fun doing this project, but I noticed that in the process of gluing all the things together and making the suncatcher they were a little bored. Next time I might have all the pieces ready to attach to the card. This way they have less gluing to do. It was also a lot of glue mess, sticky fingers etc, which both the girls complained about.

We have made a few more Mother’s Day Crafts and will be sharing them throughout the week. Upcoming crafts: You Rock Card and Pet Rock, Mother’s Day Photo Frames, Thumbprint Charms perfect for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Love you to Pieces Suncatcher Card -4

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