Little Girls Fun Digital Watch

Little Girls Fun Digital Watch

The girls love all things jewelry.. I wouldn’t know where they’d get that from *smiles* Ok well maybe I might play a teeny tiny role in it. Over the years we’ve gotten them watches, bracelets, necklaces, and countless earrings and rings. I honestly couldn’t tell you where half of them are. But they enjoyed them while they could. Today I’d like to share with you their newest piece of jewelry. A super cute Little Girls Fun Digital Watch.Little Girls Fun Digital Watch

Little Girls Fun Digital Watch

This watch is super cute! It has a 2d dimensional little girl holding a kitty on the watch faceplate area. The band is super soft with cute cartoon cat, flowers and heart graphics on it. I love how the actual digital watch part is hidden, until you press the release button which makes it slide up.

If you look at the above image on the pink watch can see the yellow button? That’s the watch release button which makes the watch appear. If you look at the purple on you’ll see a red button, just push the button and the red digital watch will slide out from behind the little girl. So darn cute!

Little Girls Fun Digital Watch

This watch doubles up as a cute little bracelet too! You can also completely remove the watch part and wear only the printed band. The watch can be purchased here and currently available in pink or purple. It’s very affordable too!

Little Girls Fun Digital Watch Product Information

• Case Material: ABS
• Band Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

• Movement: Digital
• Color of Band: Purple
• Width of Band: 0.55 inch / 1.4 cm
• Band Length: 8.27 inch / 21 cm
• Case Thickness: 0.39 inch / 1 cm
• Diameter of Case: 1.10 inch / 2.8 cm
• Max Perimeter: 7.09 inch / 18 cm
• Min Perimeter: 4.53 inch / 11.5 cm
• Product Weight: 0.60 oz / 17 g

Buttons to set the date and time are not exposed like traditional watches, which is specially designed. In order to prevent little kids from pressing the buttons accidentally and get time & date wrong. You can use a toothpick to set time and date.

We loved this Little Girls Fun Digital Watch Fun Finds, and hope you did too. Stick around and follow Debbie’s Musings in the social media outlets. We have tons of exciting articles in our schedule.

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