Letter to my Husband – Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Day - Letter to my husband - 13th Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow my Husband and I will celebrate our 13th year of marriage. As an expression of my love, I write this Letter to my Husband.



Letter to my Husband on our 13th Wedding Anniversary

The day I fell in love with you the first time, is a day I’ll remember like it happened yesterday. We fell in love in spite of our heads. It started off slow and steady and grew into a wonderfully warm and cozy kind of love.

I fell in love with you for the kindness and generosity you give to others, your warm smile, loving and giving heart. It’s the way you make me feel when you’re sitting next to me, it’s how safe and comfortable I am when you hold me, these things are more are what make me fall in love with you over and over again.

You’re one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to friends, family and your career. It’s a rare quality and hard to find any more. You have embraced my children and loved them each in a way I couldn’t have dreamed. You’re a loving grandpa to our granddaughters and they love you dearly.

I am extremely proud of how successful you’ve become within your company. After all these years I finally get it, you work as hard as you do for us. I admit I am selfish and want you all to myself so I complain and moan. But know from the depths of my heart I am proud of you and know you’re doing it for us. I get it.

Wedding Day

more reasons why I fall in love with you again and again

Over the years you have given me a reason to be a better me. You’ve taught me that it’s ok to mess up and when I did, it didn’t mean I was not worthy of loving. You have always walked right beside me encouraging me to fix my mess up. God knows I’ve created enough messes that you’ve always seen me through. It’s these moments that I wondered how could you still love me, yet you have and do.

When the rough times found us, I tried to give up but you wouldn’t let me. You showed compassion, understanding and took blame where it wasn’t fair. You picked me up, brought me back to a place I loved and I found myself falling deeper and more in love with you. Who knew you could love someone as deeply as I love you.

I want to spend the rest of our days wrapped in our love

I love you more today than I did yesterday, I can’t help it I just do. It’s a love that grows stronger and deeper every day, it’s our love that has brought me through some of the situations we’ve been through, our love that in the scariest moments has given me the strength to stand tall.

Our love may not be perfect in others eyes, but it’s perfect for us, it works for us, it is us. Our love is something we have built, we have tested to the limits, and we make stronger every day.

Wedding Day - Letter to my husband - 13th Wedding Anniversary

Letter to my Husband on our 13th Wedding Anniversary, I say to you with all of me I love you, Kevin!

I am the luckiest women in the world to have experienced the past 15 years of wonderfulness with you. 13 of those years as the happiest woman alive to be called your wife. Looking forward to the next chapter in our story as we spend them wrapped in each other love.

The Day I fell in Love with my Husband
Happy Anniversary Kevin, loving you more than you’ll ever know.
your wife




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    These are delightful anniversary words. Thanks for sharing.

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