Ketosis Achieved but Weight Loss Stalled, Why?

Ketosis Achieved but Weight Loss Stalled

Help! I have been in Ketosis for weeks now and I am not losing weight. <— Says someone every day! I’ve said it so many times I have lost count. What’s causing your stall? Keto isn’t magical and calories can count. But lets learn a little more about why even when Ketosis Achieved but weight loss stalled.

There is a big misconception when it comes to the Keto – Low Carb Lifestyle. Many believe that you can eat all you want as long as you don’t go over on your daily carbs. Well that statement is kind of true, but misleading. Many of us decide to live a Keto – Low Carb life for the weight-loss benefits. Which means we are looking for results on a weekly basis. But those results can be stalled by some of the foods you may be eating.

Ketosis Achieved but Weight Loss Stalled 1

Ketosis Achieved but weight loss stalled.

Why is your weight loss stalled? Are you eating dairy, nuts, maltitol which is used in many sugar-free candies, fat bombs, alcohol, and non-keto friendly foods? If you said yes to any of the things I just mentioned, guess what? You’ve probably just named one of your stalling factors. But I want to break it down for you a little bit by each item.

Dairy – milk, cheeses, creams, half and half, etc. These products can be high in calories but have a low carb count. The extra calories in these products might be stalling you. Think about it this way, 3 slices (3 oz.) of cheddar cheese have little to no carbs but can have up to 339 total calories. If you add that to 2 eggs cooked in butter/bacon fat (188 calories), and 2 slices of bacon (84 calories) you’ve just eaten up to 600+ calories just for breakfast. So if your weight-loss has stalled dairy products with high calories might be the reason.


Nuts are one of my favorite go to snacks, but who really sits and counts out 28 almonds? Well I do of course! But you can over eat on the nuts, and go over on the carbs easily. So if you’re going to eat nuts, count them or buy single serve packets. Nuts are also high in calories too with around 172 calories per serving (Almonds)

Ketosis Achieved but weight loss stalled. – continued


Maltitol is what gives some sugar-free products that sweet tasty flavor many of us crave. This is a sugar alcohol, so it does have zero net carbs. However, its glycemic index is 52 for syrup and 36 for powdered. What does that even mean? Well with a glycemix index at those ranges you’re going to have an insulin response, which will impact blood glucose. Thus causing you to fall out of ketosis. Maltitol is also well know for its laxative effects too. So if you’re loving those sugar-free candies with Maltitol in them, they might be stalling your weight-loss.

Fat Bombs

Fat bombs are a hit with many keto living folks, I’ve seen recipe galore for them. But I won’t eat them. For me it’s like an over load of extra calories. If you’re like me and many other keto living folks you’ve started this lifestyle for weight-loss. SO . . . If you are using the ketogenic diet as part of a weight loss program, you should not be going out of your way to eat or drink more calories, whether they are carb-y or not. Again calories count and even with a low carb diet, calories can/will stall your progress. Now if you’re someone that’s looking to slowly creep down the weight-loss ladder, then Fat Bomb away otherwise I feel they are a no-no.


Alcoholic beverages contain, sugars, carbs etc. Read the labels learn more about alcohol drinking while trying to live a keto life.

Non- Keto Foods if the food has more carbs than you’re daily desired count you shouldn’t eat it. Not a sliver, a half or even a nibble. The carbs still count and it could knock you out of ketosis.

So even if you’re in Ketosis, the above things might be stalling your weight loss. There are other underlying health issues that might also be causing your weight loss stall, but only your doctor can determine those factors. I am by no means a dietitian, health care provider etc. I am only sharing my personal experiences of living 17+ years as a low carb – ketogenic lifestyle. If you’re looking for more low carb living experiences, low carb – keto friendly recipes, workouts, fitness challenges then have a look around. Follow along and never miss another article.

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