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This Keto queen fell off the low-carb wagon and rolled down a 30′ mountain. No, really I am ashamed of how I’ve allowed myself to eat. I do this all the time and it’s completely exhausting. I almost convinced myself this time around I didn’t care, that life was to short to constantly watch my eating habits and more. Then I saw a bottle of KetoFast Supplement Powder by HealthyWiser, and I realized that I did care.

I haven’t received my bottle yet, so I can’t say how this product works. But I am looking forward to using it to just start my ketosis. Below is a little bit more information on the KetoFast Supplement.

ENJOY A GLASS OF PURE ENERGY EVERY SINGLE DAY! – Boost your metabolism and increase your physical energy levels? The HealthyWiser KetoFast is here to make your life easier!

FAST – ACTING & NUTRIENT – RICH FORMULA FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS! – Unlike other keto supplements, our healthy ketone powder formula will help reach and sustain an extended state of Ketosis naturally!

SUPPORT YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS! – Struggling to shed those extra pounds? The KetoFast dietary supplement will help curb your appetite and enhance your metabolic
rate, thus improving the absorption of nutrients!
POUR, STIR, SHAKE ‘N’ GO! – Enhance your natural energy flow without the irritating
jitters of caffeine or stimulants by simply adding a scoop of KetoFast premium ketone
– enriched powder to your water or shake!


Be sure to come back in a couple of weeks to see how this product has helped kick start my ketosis. I can’t wait to share the update.

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