Popular Retailers Trashing Signs for Ivanka Trump Products

Ivanka Trump Products - Shoes

Apparently popular retailers T. J. Maxx, Marshalls have been told to trash signs for Ivanka Trump Products. While they are no longer going to promote her product line, they are still going to sell her products. They plan to mix her line in the racks with non-named/popular brands. It’s unclear if they will be adding more of her products or selling out of what they have. This all took place a week after Nordstrom department stores said they will no longer sell Ivanka Trump Products.

Ivanka Trump Products – Nordstrom Announces Their Reasons Why

As per the N.Y Times Nordstrom department store chain will no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s Products because of a decline in sales. According to a Nordstrom’s spokesperson her clothing line and accessory line hasn’t been making the cut, for this reason alone they are cutting ties with her.

Ivanka Trump Products – Mr. President Takes to Twitter

Of course you can bet your bottom dollar that our President went to tweeting about this. He was a father before president, so I completely understand his need to support Ivanka. It’s his right, duty as a father to do so. As a mom it’s my right and duty to support and defend my children/grand-children.

This opened the door for all the Trump haters to leave their two cents regarding his tweet. You can see all of it if you click on the tweet. But most importantly you’ll also see how a Nordstrom spokesperson reiterates their reasons. It’s also mentioned that they’ve always had a close relationship with her PR department, and she was given notice of the decline of sales in Jan.

Ivanka Trump Products – Ivanka’s Thoughts

It was stated that Ivanka expressed her frustration for Nordstrom’s decision. She also says it was a political move and that her product sales have not sagged. In case you didn’t know Ivanka is no longer involved in the management of her business, but is acutely aware of the controversies around her product lines.

As seen on social media, and in the news that Ivanka spends a lot time with her father in Washington. She has no formal role but has been included in meetings with foreign officials and business leaders. Not to mention that her husband, Jared Kushner, is an adviser to the president. It’s probably tough on her to step into this new role, she’s been an executive of a successful empire to suddenly finding herself without a clear path. I am sure shell adjust to life in Washington, just fine but it’s a major change for her I assume.

Ivanka Trump Products – Kellyanne Conway’s Comments
Appropriate or Not?

During a broadcasted interview/briefing or whatever it was. The White House adviser Kellyanne Conway urged consumers to go out and buy up Ivanka’s fashion line. Taking even a step further she announces she had plan to go shopping herself, as well as adding that the product line can be bought online.

Did she take her power to far? Some have said so, there are the Trump haters and the Trump followers. You’re going to hear everyone’s thoughts. Obviously, even I have something to say about this whole thing. I feel that it was inappropriate for Kellyanne to make the comment she made. Like she stated it’s a free commercial, I honestly believe that the Trump’s empire is grand enough. I also believe that they probably have tons of marketing avenues and it was wrong of her to pitch the line. Just saying!

Ivanka Trump – My thoughts about her as a woman, wife and mother {yes a mother!}

I honestly can say up until Donald Trump starting running for office, I barely knew anything about The Trumps and hardly anything at all about Ivanka. I knew Donald for his show, and his grand hotels which I’ve always loved staying at. Every once in a while I’d see him on the news etc. I didn’t have an opinion one way or another. Well I did think a time or two, “damn that man is rich” and the robes in his hotels are super comfy!

I didn’t even know Ivanka had a product line until I read about the Nordstrom deal etc. I also didn’t know she was a mother. It’s pretty amazing that she’s accomplished what she’s done and also a mom to 3 children. I shamefully formed my opinion of her because of her father. I didn’t like her because I have issues with some of the things our President says/does. Today I plea a different case. Ivanka is an amazing woman, mother, wife and daughter.

My thoughts continued . . . 

I followed her on Twitter, and saw some of her tweets. She talks a lot about her adorable children. It’s clear she adores them! She tweets about date night with her hubby, which shows she’s a loving wife. She also shows how proud of her husband she is for his success. Why do I mention this? A person with heart, a loving wife and mother would only tweet the things I’ve seen her tweet. Have you seen her product line? There are some cute things in her product line, Look at these shoes!

Ivanka Trump Products - Shoes

Then I’ve noticed that she and her father spend a lot of time together. I mean have you seen how many of the pictures coming from the White House she’s been in? Really go look, she’s very close to her father. He values her opinion it’s very apparent. This says a lot about the both of them.

Ivanka Trump Products – The Political Side to all this

Yes, there are political reasons behind Ivanka’s products being removed from one store, and the promotion cut from others. Donald Trump is now our President. He’s obligated as President to remove himself from his personal business affairs, as it’s a conflict of interest. If a company is in Mr. Trump’s name or his grandchild’s name it’s still part of the Trump empire right?

I won’t get further into the political side of this all, because I have no political opinion. I agree and I disagree, I like and I dislike. Lesson learned? Heck yeah! This is a lesson I’ve taught my children and teaching my grand-daughters. But I have completely forgot to follow it myself.  Don’t prejudge anyone because of their background, or because of their parents. Just because a parent is one way doesn’t mean their child will be the same.

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