Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle E-Guide

Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle

When I started my Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle I had so many questions. I didn’t know how to count carbs, meal plan or if I was properly starting my journey right. After countless hours researching, I finally got on the right track.

Over the course of 10+ years, I went through many trial and errors. There were numerous occasions when I just wanted to give up. I had headaches that crawled out of the pits of hell, grumpiness, and I was tired. I stuck it out and here I am today sharing my experience and knowledge with you.

Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle – It’s a journey

I have lost an overall of 85 lbs. through the years and learned a lot of ways to make the lifestyle easier. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, which made the low carb lifestyle a little harder. With 10+ yrs under my belt, I have found ways to have my sweets and keep it low carb.

Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle Guide

Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle – The Guide

In my guide, I talk about what a low carb lifestyle is, and why I refuse to call it a diet. You’ll also learn about carbs, simple and complex, good and bad. You’re going to learn how to count carbs, which foods you should be getting your daily carbs from.

I share some of the things that I found helpful as I started my low carb lifestyle journey. There is also a simple food list to get you started. I am currently working on a Low Carb Cooking e-book, which will have recipes that have very little to no carbs.

My Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle quick guide will help you get started in the right place. You’ll start with some knowledge on carbs. How to prepare for shopping days, and creating delicious low carb meals. If you’re interested in getting a copy emailed to you, please contact me at


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