Handprint Golf Towel – DIY Gifts

Handprint Golf Towel

My granddaughters and I crafted up some wonderful unique gifts for this past Christmas. We crafted up gifts for their mom, her boyfriend, his mom, Uncle Noah, and for Grandpa. These little handmade gifts are perfect mementos for later years. The project I am sharing today is the one we made for their Grandpa, who happens love golf. They each made a personalized Handprint Golf Towel for Grandpa.

Handprint Golf Towel - Both

This super easy craft doesn’t require a lot of materials, time, and it’s very affordable to make. Let’s get to the fun part and learn how we made them shall we?

Materials Needed to make the Handprint Golf Towel

Needed Per Golf Towel:
Towel (Purchased from Dollar Store)
Paper Plate
Puffy Paint
Eyelet Tool Kit – 1/4″ Size (click here to see what I am talking about)
Baby wipes, towels or craft room cleaning rags

We found white good quality towels at the Dollar Tree. You can buy any items you may need at Walmart as well. I believe that the eyelet toolkit was $4.44 with 12 eyelets, you can get the towels, paint, and puffy paints for .97 cents each. Each handprint golf towel you make will cost on average $3.

Steps 1 – 3 for making the Handprint Golf Towel

First, add the eyelet to the upper corner of the towel, using the eyelets and tool. See instructions on your kit if you’re uncertain how to add the eyelet. The only suggestion I have for the eyelets is to not cut a hole in the towel, just add the eyelet and then if needed cut the hole after the eyelet is in place. It’s really simple. Do this for every handprint golf towel you’ll be making.

Next lay the towels flat with the lower edge on a hard sturdy surface, put a thin layer of the paint on the paper plate and smear it around.

Have your child place the palm of their hand in the paint and move it around gently to cover their palm, fingers etc. Take a look to make sure their palm, fingers etc are covered with the paint. If there are some bare spots use your finger to smear the paint around or have them place their palm back into the paint. When you’re comfortable with the distribution of the paint it’s time to move to the next step.

Handprint Golf Towel - Elizabeth

Handprint Golf Towel – Handprint Painting

Show you’re child where they are going to place their hand on the towel, younger children will need your help so that the handprint doesn’t get smeared. I also told the girls that once they’ve placed their hand on the towel don’t move it around. I then applied a little pressure to each finger to make sure their print stuck to the towel. Have your child lift their hand straight up off the towel, you’ll want to hold the towel in place so that it doesn’t move around. You can also guide their hand off the towel, especially if your child is acting silly or excited about crafting. This will help make sure that their print doesn’t get messed up. Repeat these steps for the other hand and for each child.

Final Steps for Handprint Golf Towel

Let dry for an hour. After each towel is dried ask your child what they’d like to say on the towel. Using the puffy paints write their saying under their handprints, add love and the child’s name as well as the year. Let the towels dry overnight so that the puffy paints dry completely.

Handprint Golf Towel - Kayden

Your Hand Print Golf Towel is now ready for gift giving! They make perfect gifts for Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, and Grandparents Day. They can also be made for Mom’s and Grandmas and are perfect in the kitchen or craft room. Little mementos showcasing your little treasures handprints.

We have been busy in our craft room and will be sharing tons more crafting with kids projects, DIY Gifts for all Occasions, as well as New Year Resolutions, Faith related, and how I’ve changed up my craft room/war room. We also made some personalized golf balls for Grandpa and will be sharing those soon. If you haven’t followed Debbie’s Musings in the social media outlets, I’d like to invite you to do so now. Just search for Debbie’s Musings in each outlet and follow along.


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