Halloween Handprint Spider Craft


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have always loved the spooky scary stuff, but at the same time I get scared. I know sounds weird doesn’t it? Most of you are excited around this time of year for football, and for the Hub’s its all about football right now. So while he’s busy watching the games I’ll be busy crafting! Mentioning crafting there is this super cute Halloween Handprint Spider Craft that I’ve been waiting too do! I think the girls will enjoy doing it as well.

This Halloween craft can be done with kiddies of all ages. If you want to capture your little one’s handprint in time then this is the perfect craft to do.

Halloween Handprint Spider Craft

There are a few ways to create this craft, you can use construction paper, a glass plate or canvas like we used. Since we used a painting canvas the instructions will be geared toward that version.

Halloween Handprint Spider Craft

Halloween Handprint Spider Craft – Items needed

Painting Canvas for each child in the size of your choice as long as your child’s hands fit. (Michaels has them in 5 packs.)
Paints – your choice of colors. We used black for the canvas and purples for the spiders
Cheap Paint Brush, Sponge or even a paper towel will work
White, Yellow or Silver Sharpie
Wiggly Eyes
Glue or Glue Gun
Paper plate or large butter container lid. Something to hold a thin layer of paint that your child’s hand will fit on.
Rags, paper towels, or something to clean fingers, spills etc. while creating your craft.

Halloween Handprint Spider Craft - Kayden Halloween Handprint Spider Craft - Elizabeth

Halloween Handprint Spider Craft – Instructions

  1. Cover your work area with newspaper.
  2. Paint the entire canvas with desired color and let dry. (we used black) Let it dry for 2 hours.
  3. Draw spider webs in the top two corners, I made two larger webs and one smaller web.
  4. Pour a thin layer of paint on the paper plate, butter lid or whatever you decided to use. Have your child place her/his hand in the paint, try not to get any paint on their thumbs. If they get paint on their thumbs wipe it off. If you notice any areas of their fingers or palm not covered in paint, use your finger to spread paint in the blank areas.
  5. Place your child’s hand on the canvas in the area you want the spider. Note right hand should be on the right side with fingers facing out and vice verse for the left. Your child’s handprints should just overlap in the middle, especially for older children with larger hands. Do this step for both the right and left hands. (see image below)
  6. Let your spiders dry, and clean up the paints, table etc.
  7. After your spider handprint is dried completely it’s time to put on the wiggly eyes. We used glue to put on our eyes.
  8. Let dry, you can personalize them with your child’s name, year etc.

The final project turned out great! I can’t wait to hang them up. Kayden and Izzy had so much fun doing this Halloween Handprint Craft. I plan to do a couple of similar types crafts for Christmas, and Easter. We have tons of crafts planned for this Halloween season. Keep your eyes open and visit us weekly as we’ll be sharing some awesome crafts! Next week we have a tasty Halloween treat. Yes, my lovelies we are headed to the kitchen!
Halloween Handprint Spider Craft - Kayden1

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