DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt

Kayden wanted to be a witch for Halloween, but she made it clear she wanted to be pretty & a nice one. Because mean ones are ugly and have warts. She wanted to do a DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt. I let her decide what colors she wanted it to be, as you can see she decided on black, purple and grey for the colors. She also wanted her tulle skirt to be long, easy enough. It was fun making this costume and can’t wait to see her in it!

DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt

Items needed: 

Tulle 2 yards each of the following colors:


Ribbon 1 spool each of the following:

purple 1″ wide (for the bow)
1/2″ wide of black (for waist)
thin ribbon purple (for adding to skirt)

Black T-shirt, Onesies or long sleeved shirt

DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt -ItemsNeeded

Everything you need can be bought at your local Walmart

DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt


1 – Create waist band. Using the 1/2″ wide ribbon wrap around your child’s waist and mark waist on ribbon. Then add a little extra on each side so that you can later secure the skirt around your child’s waist.

2 – Cut your tulle into strips. Lay the tulle out flat, and cut it into dozens of long strips measuring between 2–4 inches wide. If you’re looking for a fluffier, fuller skirt, use wide strips. If you’re looking for a tutu that will lay down a bit use thin strips. Since I was making the skirt longer, I made my cuts on the longer edge of the tulle.

3 – Fold the strips in half. In order to add the tulle strips to the ribbon. This will leave you with two tail ends together on the bottom end and a loop (fold) at the top. I did this as I added them to the ribbon, but you can choose to do so before hand.

4 – Add your first strip. Place a strip of the folded tulle over the top of the ribbon, leaving about 2 inches sticking up over the top of the ribbon. Grab the tail ends  and go in the opposite direction away from the loop, and pull them around and through the loop over the top of the ribbon this will create a knot. Continue adding the strips to fill in the area you marked in step 1.

DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt with Witch Hat

DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt -Witch Hat

Items needed for Witch Hat

Dollar store items:
witch hat
black roses


The witch hat I added some of the tulle, and hot glued the roses to the brim of the hat, I then added some stick-on gems I found in my crafting supplies. I also added some ribbons to the top of the hat, to help make it more of a nice, pretty witch.

The end result is slightly different from the first image, I decided to add a little more and cut off some of the tulle as I didn’t want it obstructing her vision while she was out tricker treating.

DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt

DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt – Witch Broom

The broom was actually a witch broom I found at the dollar store that I revamped. I added ribbon and changed the tulle color. You can add anything you’d like to decorate the broom. I put a one of the little black gems on the top of the broom over the dangling ribbon. A super easy project that you can use items you have on hand.

We purchased her a purple treat bucket, black and white stripped socks which helped to complete the look. I found some lighted wands for $1 for both the girls.

This DIY Halloween Witch Costume with Tulle Skirt is easy and fun to make, and was very affordable too! I believe the total cost was less than $20 for everything too include the socks, bucket and wands.

Stick around as I have loads more in store for you. Check out the Minnie Tulle Costume I made for Elizabeth.

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