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It’s finally here! Well the season at least . . . What? Oh it’s Halloween season darling! One of my favorite times of the year. It’s time to bring out the spooky decorations, the black cats, witches, creepy bones, pumpkins, spider webs, lions and tigers and bears, ha sorry my goofiness kicked in. Anyways if you like Halloween like I do, then you’ve probably already decorated. If not you’re probably looking for some great Halloween Decoration Ideas. I have some easy, inexpensive ideas I’d like to share with you. . .

Halloween Decoration Ideas



Our mantel currently all decked out in Halloween decorations. Everything you see with the exception of the Frankenstein head and a few other pieces, mentioned below was from the dollar store. The skulls, the black cheesecloth stuff, the candles, lights, spider web, pictures on the wall, even the pieces of the haunted village. I made the village last year, but most of the other stuff I picked up in the middle of August.

Halloween Decoration Ideas – Mantel & Fireplace

Drape a piece of black material to cover the mantel and fireplace, I added a string of purple lights, then add some black cheesecloth type material over the black material, I also draped it from the hook behind the picture on the wall to add some darkness to it. I also added some spider webs, I put a layer over the black cheesecloth and let it drape over the mantel. This was my starting point. Adding the decorative pieces is next. Below is a closer look at the cheesecloth, and spider webs.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Decoration Ideas – Spooky Photos

I found some spooky photos from the $1 store which worked great to color some of the blank wall above the mantel. After hanging the photos, I then took some more spider web and stretched it over the photos. Now it’s time to add the pieces to the mantel.

Halloween Decoration Ideas – Mantel Decorations

I added some skulls I got from the dollar store to each side of the mantel, then added a red tall glass vase to add some contrasting colors. Next to the skulls I added some remote-controlled candles I already had. In the middle I placed my Frankenstein head, that I got from Michaels last year. Did I mention I painted it?

Moving on I added a candlestick on each side, which was bought from the dollar store. Then more spider webbing to cover some of the pieces on the mantel. Not sure if you can see them in the photo, but there are two large purple spiders tangled in the webs just above the white candles.

There was a poison bottle in my decorations, that I added to the one side. While decorating I remembered that I was saving some vanilla bottles that would be great to use for more poison bottles. I’ll share them later. Mantel done, now it’s time to move on the my haunted village.

Halloween Decoration Ideas – Table and Haunted Village

I knew I wanted to put my village in front of the fireplace which would complete my creepy corner. Which meant I needed to move my couch table in front of the fireplace, and then I had to figure out how make it blend in. I remembered I had some black clothe with deep dark purple splashes and decided to give it a try. It worked perfectly. I did tie up the sides some to get the look I wanted. You can still see some of the wood, but for the most part I got the effect I wanted.

I added the string of orange lights, and then I added two black cheesecloth. I then added my village which was created last year. I’ll tell you more about how to create your own village later. The piece you see in the center wasn’t from the dollar store, the Hub’s painted it last year another Michaels craft store find.

As I placed the village, I inserted some of the orange lighting into the centers to help light them up a bit. I also took some of candle stem holders and put under some of them to elevate them a bit. After my village was in place I added more spider webs, basically stretching the web across the entire village.

Halloween Decoration Ideas – Spooky Spider Tree 

This tree is actually used for a few holidays, at Halloween I wrap it in spider webs. During Christmas I have woodland animal ornaments hanging from it. I almost painted it black this Halloween, but I don’t want to have to get a new one for Christmas. It’s also great for Easters, we hang our DIY egg ornaments from it. So black for the other holidays wouldn’t be good.

Basically for the spooky spider tree, I took spider web and stretched it around the tree branches. I then took some 3D spiders that I picked up from Walmart for .97 cents, and put all over the tree. There ya go a creepy spooky spider tree.

Next year I might buy some of the grayish spider webs that I saw this year for the tree, which will help make it a bit darker.

Halloween Decoration Ideas - Spider Tree

Halloween Decoration Ideas – Creepy Man under the table, chains, and skull fencing. 

I wanted to finish off my creepy corner with something under the table. My vision was to make what ever I put down there appear to be peeking out. My first thought was to create a creepy doll with a goodwill bought doll. But I decided to not do that since the girls could relate the creepy baby with their own dollies. That’s when I remembered I had another creepy window cling.

But first I had to darken the table bottom, so I added some black tulle to the shelf to darken it a bit. You can never have to many spider webs at Halloween right? After adding more spider webs then I put the creepy window cling behind it. I leaned it little forward which gave it an appearance that the creepy thing was trying to break free.

The heavy-looking fake chains were gotten from the $1 store. At that price I knew they had to be a part of my display. I ended up using some black string and tied them to the table top, and allowed the chain to dangle and lie on the floor. Next I had to tie in my skull fence and spider fence post. I also picked these up at the $ store.

The creepiness continues in Halloween Decoration Ideas below

I had some 3D spiders left so I just added them to the spider webs. The above image shows you a fully finished creepy corner, at night when the lights are on. This wasn’t an expensive project, I spent $20 this year adding the skulls, fences, spiders, webs, candles, purple lights and the black cheesecloth. Most of the stuff I already had, but if you’re like me you’ll probably add a few pieces each year. Remember go to the dollar store and the best time to pick things up in late August.

I’ll be adding more DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas, DIY Halloween Costumes and some great Halloween Crafts for Kids. Stick around and don’t forget to follow me in the social media outlets.

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