Talks with Kayden – You are pretty without makeup

Talks with Kayden

Before we get to the talks with Kayden, I’d like to tell you how I feel about being a grandma. As a mom I love my children dearly, and wouldn’t let anything happen to them.  Just like most moms, I’d put my own needs aside for theirs. Basically mess with my children, and I’ll destroy you faster than a Category 5 hurricane. Just saying . . .

The love you feel for your child/children can’t be compared to any other type of love. But … then you become a grandma, and you fall in love all over again. They simply fill the space in your heart, you didn’t know was empty. The love of a grandchild is magical, its unconditional. My grandchildren are the children of my children, how special is that!! Then of course, please don’t be fooled by the gray in my hair. Mess with my grandkids and I’ll go 50 shades of crazy on you. Just saying . . .

Talks with Kayden

Grand-parenting  – Talks with Kayden

I am fortunate, happy and blessed to be able to spend as much time with my grandchildren as I do. As a child I don’t remember spending hardly any time with my grandma, and none with my fathers mom. So when I say I am blessed, I mean it!! My grandchildren will grow up knowing their grandma and grandpa, I will share stories with them, and I get to experience things that I wished I got to do with my grandparents.

This is the reason, I decided to share Adventures N Grandparents Land here on Debbie’s Musings. It brings me so much joy, happiness and love. I hope you enjoyed the stories as much as I enjoy living them. So shall we get on with Talks with Kayden? Trust me you’ll leave smiling.

Talks with Kayden – You are pretty without makeup Grandma

Kayden and I talk a lot, we talk about everything. The other morning she was brushing her teeth, and I was brushing my hair and getting ready to put on my make-up. She glances up in the mirror and our conversation went like this.

Kayden: Grandma, what are you doing?
Me: Putting on my make-up.
Kayden: You don’t need make-up grandma, you’re beautiful without it.
Me: Wow, thanks but I might frighten people without it.
Kayden: No, grandma you’re beautiful. Even grandpa thinks you’re beautiful, he always calling you his beautiful bride.
Me: Ah, ok I guess I won’t wear make-up today then.

She reminds me every few days, how I don’t need make-up and how pretty I am. See unconditional love! Some of our conversations are more in-depth, and involve life lessons. Sometimes I am teaching her, but a lot of the times she’s teaching me. I love Grandma Life.

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