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Another awesome story from Adventures N Grandparents Land, and Talks with Elizabeth.  Not sure if I mentioned this yet. . . My two granddaughters bring so much joy into my life. Waking up every morning with them, getting them off to school, and being there for them afterwards is some of the best times.

Yes, there are mornings when I have to deal with two grumpy girls that don’t want to wake up. They glare at me with their sleepy eyes, and make my eyes cross when I’ve got to tell them 4 times, it’s time to get up. But I love them to the moon and back.

Last week I shared with you Talks with Kayden, today I’d like to share with you Episode 2 Talks with Elizabeth. The minds of children are pretty amazing, so innocent and loving.

Talks with Elizabeth


Elizabeth is both a handful and a sweet, caring, loving little girl. When she’s in a good mood she can be the sweetest, but cross her when she’s grumpy and well that’s another story. There are quiet times when Elizabeth will come into my room, and ask to put lotion on my legs or back. I never object at my age, I can use all the lotion I can get. It’s also some time for her and I to just talk about random things.

A couple of nights ago Elizabeth climbs on my lap, and rubs her hand down my arm. She does this for a couple of minutes while gazing at the TV. She finally looks at me and our conversation went like this.

Elizabeth: Grandma, your skin is getting healthy and smooth.

Me: Yes, it’s because you’re helping it when you put lotion on me.

Elizabeth: When it gets super healthy and new, I am going to call you a different name.

Me: What do you mean?

Elizabeth: When your skin is healthy and new you won’t be grandma any more, you’ll be …. “What is your other name Grandma?”

Me: Oh really? I won’t be grandma any more? Oh and my name is Debbie.

Elizabeth: Yes, when your skin is new I will call you Debbie.

She then hugs me, and lays back and continues to watch TV. I realized two things while sitting there with her. I absolutely adore moments like these with my grand babies. All the little things that I have been teaching them actually sticks. I say the last statement because I tell them both to put lotion on after their bath. I normally say, “make sure you get the lotion and put it on, you’ve got to keep your skin healthy.”

It’s all so innocent and children say the darnedest things. I wished that my skin would become new again. But I’ll never want to not be a grandma, it’s one of life’s blessings. I often teach them lessons, but a lot of the time they are teaching me. I love Grandma Life!

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