Grand-parenting Adventure – Elizabeth Makes Me Laugh

Grand-parenting Adventure

Boy, do I ever have a hilarious grand-parenting adventure to tell you about! If you’re a regular reader of my blog or follow me on Facebook you might already know that I’ve been sick for the last 3 days. I think it’s finally going away and only came to mess up my workout schedule!

These last 3 days have been boring for the girls, as they are used to me crafting, laughing and having fun with them. The other day before heading to the bus stop Izzy thought that if she put lotion on my legs and feet it’d make me feel better. As we are headed out the door she grabs the lotion and states she’ll do it at the bus stop. Little did I know what I was about to learn.

Grand-parenting Adventure - elizabeth-halloween-2016

Grand-parenting Adventure

After arriving at the bus stop I stretch my legs over the center console and she jumps in the front seat lotion in hand. She begins with a drop on my foot and states, that my skin seems dry. I am constantly telling everyone to take care of their skin and put lotion on daily. But rarely practice what I preach.

Izzy rubs the drop of lotion in and puts her little rag over my foot. She has this yellow microfiber rag that has to be a part of lotion time. I think it started once when she put on too much lotion and had to clean her hands, now she just gets it whenever she’s ready for lotion time. She then proceeds to do the other foot but stops to tell me something very important. Read our conversation below:

Grand-parenting Adventure – Elizabeth cracks me up sometimes!

Elizabeth: Grandma, I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?

Me: Heck with the way I was feeling I needed the good news so I said “good news please”

Elizabeth: Well the good news is that your skin is very dry, and the lotion will help it. (Now picture me sitting in the driver’s seat with my heads behind my head leaning against the glass window) She then says the bad news is that your skin is dry and you need lotion on your nipple.

Me: I immediately think. . . HUH? What? and OMG someone help me… all the while holding in an explosion of laughter. I think being sick helped with the laughter part. I look at her with an as normal face as I can and say, Oh really Izzy you think my nipple needs lotion, I don’t even know what a nipple is. Secretly praying she was clueless to what it really was!!

Elizabeth: She looks up at me with a serious look and points to my underarm and says there that’s your nipple. (Now remember I was sitting with my arms behind my head against the glass)

Me: Aah ok, well you won’t want to put lotion there cause I have deodorant on and that’s icky. I also mentioned it was my underarm she was referring too. *praying she’d not continue with the conversation*

She seemed satisfied with my answer and proceeded with putting lotion on my foot. Thank goodeness too!

Grand-parenting Adventure – Correct her or Let it Go?

Do I want Elizabeth to know where her nipples are? Umm yeah, sure of course but can’t I wait until she’s like 18 and already knows? Elizabeth is 5 and it’s cool if she knows she has knees, elbows, eyes, ears, and a nose. Oh, and she knows she’s a girl and she has private parts etc. But nipples? Ugh, nipples?

I am not a prude and have a very open-mind when it comes to the body etc. In this day in age, if a kid talks about nipples in open public you’re looked at like you’ve done something wrong. This is definitely one life lesson I’ll wait for her to learn on her own? What do you think? How would you have handled this differently?

I love being a grandma and I don’t think my life would be as fulfilling as it is now if I wasn’t. They keep me young, make me rethink everything and I love them to pieces!

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