Furbliss Two Sided Pet Brush for Dogs & Cats

Furbliss - Ludo - DebbiesMusings

The pets I fall in love with are a complete contradiction to what bothers me. What does that even mean? I almost always fall for the fluffy furry adorable furballs. That’s a lot of fur huh? Well, I love the fur on the pets but dislike it with a passion on our floors, rugs, blankets, and clothes. So when we got our little guy Ludo, I asked will he shed a lot? I was told a little but not much, being that I was already mad about him, I completely went against my own gut feeling and brought the furball home anyways. Oh boy, this furball doesn’t shed a little he sheds a lot! Ugh! I am currently using a Furbliss two-sided brush in hopes to help with the shedding.

Furbliss - Ludo DebbiesMusings

Furbliss Pet Brush

We will see how this brush works, or I’ll find the hubby’s clippers and shave Ludo. Hey, it’s summertime! Who needs all that fur in the dead heat of summer? Anyways the Furbliss brush has been making a bit of a difference. I brush Ludo at least twice a day and get a furball as big as a golf ball off of him.

I like how this brush is made of silicone. With Ludo being a pup still loves to bite at the brushes. The one I used prior to Furbliss brush was wooden and I was always afraid he’d hurt his teeth. Not that I encouraged him biting the brush, it’s just something he had to finally learn he wasn’t allowed to chew on.

Furbliss - Ludo DebbiesMusings 1

Furbliss Pet Brush

Furbliss is designed for pets of all sizes and coat types from dogs to cats, rabbits, and even horses.

Furbliss brush gently massages your pet while you brush them leaving their coat smooth, silky and shiny. The back of the brush is designed to remove fur from your pet, clothes, furniture and auto interiors.

Furbliss can be used wet or dry. It’s ideal when shampooing your pet with its deep wells on one side to hold the shampoo, and the knobs on the other side help to gently massage the shampoo deep into your pet’s coat.

Furbliss Pet Brush

I love that it helps get the fur off Ludo, which helps keep it off our floors, rugs, blankets, and clothes. For more information on Furbliss pet brush visit here to learn more.

Furbliss - Ludo DebbiesMusings 2 Furbliss - Ludo DebbiesMusing 3

Now if only I could find something to keep him from chewing everything I’d be happy.

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