Fun Finds – Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer

Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer 1- Fun Finds

I am one of those people that likes things in their place. Even when I try not to be such a picky person on this I can’t help it. Not only am I like this in my home, but I am just as OCD with my car too! I can’t help it! You can imagine my happiness when was given the chance to review the fun finds – Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer.

The girls love to bring their little toys along for the rides to the store etc. For some reason they love bringing them, but almost always forget them when we get back home. After a weeks worth of trips to the bus stop and errands you can imagine the pile that accumulated.

Fun Finds – Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer ~ You were much needed 

Like I stated above the girls love bringing their toys, papers, and other things you’d never believe with them in car rides. But never want to bring them out of the car after our errand. I’ve recently put a pink desk accessory (in-box type) box on the back seat as a catch all for their stuff. I also added a travel pack of  baby wipes, tissues and a change of clothes for the little one. It helped a lot and each week I go in and clean it out.

But with it being on the seat the little one tends to play with the tissues and baby wipes. I am talking about not one either, she will use 5 of each for a 15 min ride to the supermarket. Not good! I knew that the pretty little pink box wouldn’t last long at the rate she was wasting the wipes/tissues. It was time to find something that worked but wasn’t easily accessed by the little one too.


Fun Finds – Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer – Perfect!

I decided to hang the Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer this past week and give it a test. It worked perfectly! The little one can’t reach as easily as she could the box, and it’s perfect for holding the wipes, tissues, and change of clothes. So far it’s been a blessing, and the only problem I see happening is her kicking it. She loves to put her feet on the back of the seats. Uggh! I’ve been working with her on keeping her feet off the seats and keeping Grandma’s car clean. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

Fun Finds – Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer – Where to find it?

Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer 1- Fun Finds

The Kuddly Kids Backseat Car Organizer can be found on Amazon for $14.36. I believe it comes in black with green trim. If you’re like me and don’t like things out of place, you’re going to love this car organizer!

Stick around for more Fun Finds product reviews.

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