Frozen Themed Snowflake Christmas Craft

Frozen Themed Snowflake Christmas Craft - FeaturedImage

Well, it’s day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas Crafts, have you made any of the other crafts? So far we’ve made a Cupcake Ornament and a Felt Covered Cone Christmas Tree. Today we are made a Frozen themed Snowflake Christmas Craft. The girls and I had fun creating our snowflakes this afternoon on the lanai. It’s been nice here in Florida and I’ve been sitting out on the lanai as much as possible. Anyways let’s get to the craft. . . the one I made is below. What do you think?

Frozen Themed Snowflake Christmas Craft

Frozen Themed Snowflake Christmas Craft

Items Needed – Makes 1 Snowflake
8 – Wooden Clothes Pins (the ones that have the little spring)
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
White Paint & Paint Brushes
Elmers Gun
Light Blue Fine Glitter
White Fine Glitter
Purple or Pink Glitter
Snowflake Shaped Seguins or Round Seguins (Blue or White)
Paper Plate
Christmas Ornament Hook

Remember the above items are needed for each person making a snowflake.

Clothespin Glued - Snowflake Christmas Craft

Frozen Themed Snowflake Christmas Craft

Remove the springs from the clothespins. Using a hot glue gun, glue the two pieces together on the flat edges. See image above for an example. Do this for all the clothespins. Now it’s time to start forming your snowflake, this is a little tricky but I’ll explain it the best I can.

Take two of the clothespins and glue them together at the inner corners, then glue the third one in between those. Do this again with another 3 clothespin. That should leave you with 2 more clothespins. See image below the 1st.square. You’ll now have 2 forms and 2 extra clothespins. Glue the two forms together at the inner points. See image below on the 2nd. square. The remaining two clothespins are going to go on the left and right sides at the outer center points. See image below 3rd. and 4th. squares.  It may take a couple tries to get it right, or you may find a better way to create the form. If you do come back and leave the instructions in the comments below.

Snowflake Christmas Craft - Forming the Snowflake

Frozen Themed Snowflake Christmas Craft – continued

Make sure your snowflake form is securely glued. Add glue to any wobbly points, you can even put a bit in the center area to help secure it better. Don’t worry you won’t be able to see that later. Turn your snowflake over and attach the Christmas ornament hanger to the snowflake. (see image below for an example) You can bend the hanger and push the lower loop into one of the spaces on the snowflake. Add a dab of glue to the upper part so that it’s secured.

Remove any glue hairs and glue bubbles from the surface of the snowflake. (see below what I mean about glue hairs. this is Izzy’s snowflake and she didn’t get all the glue hairs) Paint the snowflake with white paint, do the entire form. Make sure you get in the little cracks etc. Set aside to dry.

Frozen Themed Snowflake Christmas Craft - Hanger

When your snowflake is dried enough to work with again,  it’s time to add the sparkles and prettiness! Squeeze some of the Elmers glue on your paint tray and brush it evenly over the top of your snowflake. Sprinkle on the light blue glitter. Next, use the glue and trace the center lines of your snowflake and then sprinkle on the pink glitter.

Set aside to dry a bit while you’re cleaning up the extra glitter etc. I like using paper plates under our glitter projects, which make cleaning up the extra glitter easy peasy.

If you’re going to add the sequins use a bit of Elmer’s glue to attach them. The first one I did I used the hot glue gun and the sequins melted a bit. Let your snowflake dry good overnight on a flat surface so that your glitter center lines don’t run.

Frozen Themed Snowflake Christmas Craft  – Final Thoughts

I think our snowflakes turned out pretty good. The girls seemed to enjoy doing the craft and followed the directions fairly easily. Next time I will create the snowflake forms prior to starting the craft. The girls got bored waiting for me to finish and started arguing. Other than that it was fun!

Follow along in the social media outlets below. You’re gonna wanna see all the fun Christmas Crafts we have planned. Thanks for stopping by Day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas Crafts.



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