Fitness Planner – Why Do You Need One?

Fitness Planner - Paperclips

I have been working on setting up my new Fitness Planner and think I’ve finally got it! I also made some really cute paperclips and planner bands. For me setting up a new planner takes a lot of planning and organizing. I always make a list of things that are important to me that pertain to the planner. There’s no point in having a planner that doesn’t work for you. Right? I wanted to show you some of the items I included in my new Fitness Planner. The bands I made are pictured below, one holds my pen and the other is just a pretty flower.

Fitness Planner

Fitness Planner – Why Do You Need One?

Why should you have a Fitness Planner? I have heard it, read it and have been told directly to track it all. Track the foods I eat, the amount of water I consume and note all exercises I’ve done. But why? The first day you actually track your food intake you’ll understand why.

But let’s discuss it a bit. Before I started tracking the foods I put into my mouth I never knew how much I actually ate. Seriously, think about this. How many times have you just dumped the salad dressing onto your salad? How about the croutons? I love croutons! (I actually don’t eat them any longer either) But when it came to croutons I’d grab a handful and drop them into my salad bowl. I said a handful.

Now let’s look at the serving size. Say a serving size is 6 croutons? Well, my handful was probably 12+ croutons, which is two servings. So when you start tracking the foods you put into your mouth, you start to realize that there are serving sizes for a reason. You’ll learn to eat serving sizes and the plus side is that you’ll actually be content with them too.

Fitness Planner - Dashboard

Fitness Planner – What Should it Include?

Just like with any other planner you might be using, it’s important for it to focus on the things you feel are important. Make a list of important aspects you’d like to achieve during your fitness journey. Some of them might include, to lose weight, drink more water, exercise more, eat healthier, make a lifestyle change, build muscle, and lose body fat.

If you’re looking to lose weight you’ll probably find the following to be beneficial in your fitness planner.

Fitness Planner - Weight Loss Fitness Planner - Body Fat Log

Weight Tracker/Log – This will include your starting weight, goal weight, and a place to track your weekly, monthly weight loss. I actually track my weight every two days. It’s what I learned while doing a weight loss program with a doctor and it works for me. DO what works for you.

Food Log – Depending on the type of lifestyle you choose you’ll be tracking not only the foods but the calories, proteins, sugars and carbs. Every time you eat something you’ll write it down. I am living a low carb lifestyle, so tracking calories aren’t that important to me, but I do track the carbs, sugars, and proteins.

Fitness Planner - Daily Logs

Exercise/Activity Log –  You’ll find it super helpful to track the exercises you do, steps you take and any other forms of activity you do throughout your day. I have an Apple Watch and it tracks my steps (miles) walked, the amount of time I spend standing, my breathing, how many calories I burn just by everyday living and the amount I burn by how active I am. I love my Apple Watch!

But you don’t have to have an Apple Watch to track these things, you can use your smartphone, a Fitbit, a regular pedometer etc. There are apps that can help you determine how many calories you burned in an average 5,000 step day. By logging your activity you become more aware of how active/inactive you are during the day.

Fitness Planner - Motivation Page

Motivational Quotes and images help keep you going. They will keep you inspired and help on those days when you just feel like throwing in the towel. Here are a few that I love!

You Got This!
I don’t diet, I just eat according to my Goals.
Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions.
You don’t get the ass you want, by sitting on it!
Slow Progress is better than No Progress.
Don’t Wish for it, Work for It!
That’s just a few, but you can find tons on Pinterest!

Measurement Chart/Log – You’ll log your measurements the day you start your journey. Then you can either track them weekly, monthly or every 3 months throughout your journey.

That’s a basic list of things I track in my Fitness Planner. The journey goes beyond just losing weight, it has to be a lifestyle change,  or you’re going to end up yo-yo dieting.  Tracking your success and mishaps will help you establish a routine which will be the start of a wonderful “lifestyle change”.


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