Finding The Answers Through My Faith

Finding The Answers Through My Faith - DebbiesMusings

My resolution this year was to become more mentally & emotionally stable, to learn to focus more on the positive and become grounded. Not the average resolution I know. Normally I do the whole weight-loss thing, which is always a major disappointment. Anyways . . . exactly how did I plan to achieve my resolution? I almost positive I will reach my resolution by finding the answers through my faith.  But why my Faith?  Well, keep reading . . .

But why Faith?

I know you’re probably thinking what many think when someone turns to their faith. You know things like, great another bible thumper, look the one that has never spoken of God is suddenly preaching his praise. There are more I’ve heard but I think you get my point. Anyways, I personally don’t see a problem with people turning to Faith for solutions. But I do believe it needs to be a journey and not a pit stop. Anyways with that being pointed out, let me explain why I believe I will reach my resolution by finding the answers through my faith and what influenced that line of thought.

In August of 2017, we went to a cousin’s wedding in PA, instead of doing a hotel we stayed with family. During the weeks time we were visiting I noticed my sister-in-law reading her Bible, and spending quiet time with God every day! Each time I saw her with her Bible, I felt jealous.

I know that’s a weird feeling to have, but it honestly looked like she and God were best friends. I wanted that kind of closeness with someone other than my family members. Oh, I love my family dearly! There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them! But honestly, I needed something else. I wanted to be close to God, or should I say I found myself wanting it.

She was so calm even in tough situations.

My sister-in-law seemed so calm, focused, and grounded even with all that was happening around her. She handled it all with an ease that seemed like she knew that things would work out. I won’t go into details, but she had some things happening that were centered around a very recent car accident, medically and emotionally. I kept thinking dang she’s strong, then one day it hit me. She may be strong, but it was more, she had God behind it all. Well, that was what I guessed. . . and assumed . . .

As the days passed I found myself wanting to dive into her bible, read her notes, see what she was seeing. Of course, I didn’t do it, isn’t a person’s Bible personal? But I did eventually look at the translation of her Bible, and the name of the study she was doing. They would become my starting point.

So there you have it, that’s why I turned to faith for answers to things I feel I have no control over. After seeing God working in my sister-in-law’s life I knew I had to give Him a chance. Eventually, I mentioned to her that she’s the reason behind my desire to dig deeper into my faith. She doesn’t really know the impact she had on me during that week. God sends us people to mentor, and I believe was supposed to see her relationship with Him. A little faith is all it takes, and when I started this journey that’s all I had.

Finding The Answers Through My Faith - DebbiesMusings -Bibles

Finding The Answers Through My Faith
Where I am today.

Where am I today in my Faith journey? I am still learning so much, not only about myself but about God. There’s a new lesson learned every day and find myself wanting to learn more and more. It’s a journey that takes a lot of obedience, and trust all of which I am desperately trying to do and give.

As for my resolution, I have looked up different verses that pertained to the areas of my life I want to fix, which has led me to different bible studies focusing on those areas.  I stumbled across Fervent a Bible study book by Priscilla Shirer which digs deep into praying. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from this book. It’s also one of those books that I return too for more.

After doing some research on Priscilla Shirer, and learning she had a major role in War Room, I’ve since watched it and completed the study guide for it. The movie had a role in me converting my craft room into a war room/craft room, as well as inspiring me to start a War Binder. I am currently working my way through Discerning the Voice of God another one from Priscilla Shirer and I have Awaken ready for my next study.

inding The Answers Through My Faith War Binder - DebbiesMusings

Finding The Answers Through my Faith
Final Thoughts

Honestly, I never expected to find myself digging this deep, nor did I think I’d be this eager at learning more. Like I said before, every day there is a new lesson learned. I have tried to involve members of my family in this wonderful journey, but haven’t really had any bites.

I often teach them a lesson I’ve learned in a way they will understand. Although I find this journey to be exciting, it doesn’t mean everyone else will, so I won’t push it on them. He will eventually send me someone that I can mentor I assume when He feels I am ready. There is so much to learn and I feel like I’ve wasted so much time already.

What are your thoughts on Finding The Answers Through my Faith? Have you had a similar experience?


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