Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial – Quick Easy Craft

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

Today I thought I’d share a Felt Flower Hair Clip tutorial. These hair clips are super cute and Kayden and Izzy love them. They are easy peasy to make and you can whip up a few different sizes and colors in a matter of minutes. I made the 4 pictured below in less than 30 mins with a 5 yr. old hanging around.

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

The felt flower pieces were cut using my Cricut Explore and Design Studio, but you can cut the pieces by hand too. You’ll need the following items to make one (1) Large (pink clips showed above) Felt Flower Hair Clip.

Felt – 8.5″ x 11″ any color you desire
Heat & Bond Ultrahold big enough to cover the felt
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Hair Clips
Cricut & Design Studio or Printer & Flower Template

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial


  • If you’re going to make the flower hair clip using your Cricut, iron on the Heat & Bond (using directions on package) to one side of the felt. If you’re not using your Cricut to cut the flower pieces see the below directions without a Cricut.
  • Load Design Studio – Search for Flower #M43278. You’ll need to edit the size to this measure 4.81″ width and 4.77″ height, copy and paste the image so that you have 5 flowers. Again this is for the large pink clips showed in above image. For the smaller purple ones, I used 2.5″ width x 2.5″ height.

Felt Flower from Cricut Design Studio

  • Load your mat with the felt shiny side against the mat and cut your file. If you’re making more than one clip you can go ahead and cut all your pieces now.


Instructions for cutting the Felt Flower Hair Clip without out a Cricut.

  • Print or trace the flower template. I have it sized properly, so you should be able to download and print it. You can also take a piece of tracing paper and trace the image on your screen.
  • Using the template you’ve just created cut out 5 pieces from the felt. We are now ready to put our flowers together.

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial - Making flower

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial – Assembling the flower

  • Plug in your glue gun and grab your glue sticks. Once your glue gun is heated up lay one of the flower pieces flat this will be the base of the flower.
  • Next, take another flower piece and in the center apply a dime-sized amount of glue, (above image) at the center fold the flower piece in half then in half again, holding the center tightly so the glue sets. (image below) Do this for the remaining 3 pieces.

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial - flower

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial – Assembling the flower continued.

  • After you’ve gotten all the flower pieces glued and folded, its time to start adding them to the base. In the center of the base apply a quarter sized amount of glue.
  • With rounded edges toward the outside and the point at the center secure the flower pieces in place. (see image below) Do this for all 4 pieces.

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial - Placement of Folded Flower

  • Once you’ve gotten the pieces secured to the base, fluff out the pieces by gently pulling them up a bit. Check that they are all secure and apply more glue where needed.
  • Now for the beads, place a few drops of glue in the centers of each flower petal and drop a few beads in the glue. Add as few or as many as you like. See first image above for beading visual.

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial - Supplies

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial – Adding the Hair Clip

  • After you’re satisfied with the beads it’s time to add the hair clip to the back of the flower. Cut a piece of felt to cover the top of the metal clip and secure it in place with glue. This step is optional I think it makes them look more professional.
  • At the center back of the flower add glue the length and width of your clip. Place the clip with the long base against the flower and clip part facing upward. Hold clip firmly in place, let dry,  then add any glue to areas that may need it. See image below for clip placement.

Felt Flower Hair Clip Tutorial - Back Clip1

That’s it! Easy peasy pretty hair bow for you or your little one. Like I said above I made 4 of them in less than 30 mins. I made two of the larger ones and 2 of the smaller ones in different colors. Kayden wore her’s to a Birthday party this past weekend and walked around like a princess.

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