Elf on the Shelf Idea – Christmas Tree


I can’t believe we are in the 2 week stretch of Christmas arriving! I feel like I haven’t done enough, but also like I’ve done so much at the same time. Anyways here’s another Elf on the Shelf Idea. 

Snowflake our Elf on the Shelf loves all things shiny and most of all any thing that sparkles. I wouldn’t know where she got those traits. :) She somehow found her way onto the Christmas tree, grabbed a decoration and hasn’t been noticed for 2 days.

Normally the girls are really good at finding her and won’t give up until they have done so. But this time they looked and maybe got bored? Either way if she’s not found today she’ll will definitely be creating some mischief to bring back some of the excitement.

Elf on the Shelf Idea – Hide n Seek in the Christmas Tree



I thought it would be fun to have Snowflake be found in the Christmas tree, I even added a little extra fun and put an ornament in her hands. But the kiddies still haven’t found her. Maybe I’ve hidden her to well? Or maybe she just hasn’t created enough mayhem? Either way we play the hot and cold game this evening and hopefully she’ll be found.

I do have another brilliant idea and can’t wait to try! We have a few days left to get our Elves on the Shelf into a lot of mischief, and plenty of time to cause a little havoc too! Hey so far Snowflake has been pretty good, it’s time to mix things up a bit and really get the family ready for Christmas. Stick around for more Elf on the Shelf Ideas.

What has your little Elf been up to this season? Has she/he been a little naughty or you sticking to the niceness this year?

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