Elf on the Shelf Idea – DIY Elf Swing


I’ve got another great Elf on the Shelf Idea – a DIY Elf Swing for your little Elf. If you’ve been keeping up with our Elf on the Shelf Snowflake, you’ve probably already seen some of her mischief already. If you haven’t then you’ve gotta check out how she made her appearance this year in my article Elf on the Shelf – 25 days of Fun Ideas. It’s definitely worth the read and a good laugh, especially if you like Elf on the Shelf mischief.

As the girls get older I’ve got to be more creative on coming up with ways for Snowflake to be found. So far so good. I’ve been having probably as much fun as they are. It’s a daily routine for them to come running out of their room wondering where and what Snowflake was up to while they slept. I’ve made her a new dress and a pair of boots this year, as well as a swing for her to be found on. The girls loved them! I’ll share with you the DIY tutorials on the clothes, boots and swing a little later. For now let’s take a peek at Snowflake swinging on the swing I made her.

Elf on the Shelf Idea - Fun on her Swing

DIY Elf Swing

You can make this cute little Elf Swing with things you have laying around the house. You’ll need the following items to make the DIY Elf swing.

Items Needed

jumbo popsicle stick
floral wire
wired pieces of wreath material
foam snowflakes
red paint

DIY Elf Swing Instructions:

Paint your popsicle stick your preferred color let dry.
Take pieces of floral wire and make the swings chains/handle. To do this just wrap the wire around the popsicle stick and cut the length you desire.
Next take a pieces of the wired wreath strip and wrapped around the floral wire, repeat for the other side. This step makes it look a bit more Christmasy and isn’t required if you don’t have the supplies.
Add any other decorating items you wish by gluing them in place.

DIY Elf Swing Idea

This was super fun and the girls loved finding her swinging and the boots were a huge hit. We are all about the boots in this house. Again, I’ll be sharing tutorials on how to create the clothes, boots and swing in the upcoming days. Snowflake will be up to some fun and mischief as well so stick around!

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