Elf on the Shelf 25 days of Fun Ideas


Hello dearies! Did you know there are 25 days until Christmas? It’s time for our happy little Elf of the Shelf to return and the count down to Christmas officially started today! Time for some Elf on the Shelf  25 days of fun! I can happily say that we have the kiddies countdown to Christmas boxes ready, and our Elf on the Shelf “Snowflake” arrived happily and mischievously this afternoon.

Elf on the Shelf 25 days Fun

This year I wanted to make sure our Snowflake came back an exciting way. I think I nailed it, but have to wait for the girls reaction! I’ll keep you posted. As you might have read previously, I have been focused on creating lasting memories with and for my granddaughters. Call it ol age or whatever, but I am starting to feel like I haven’t created enough memories for them. I hope this will be one of them.

Anyways . . . over the past few weeks I’ve been creating an Elf on the Shelf door and a sign that says Elves Only. I will add the tutorial of the Elf on the Shelf door later this week. Ok.. back to the door. Last week I put the door on the table with the sign, and called the girls over. The oldest can read and she read it “Elves Only” and their little faces got all cheery and said “Snowflake”! I smiled and said “do you think that’s Snowflakes door?” They both agreed it was and remembered they were’n’t allowed to touch it because it would loose it’s Elf magic and Snowflake might not be able to come through it. I also reminded the girls that Snowflake should arrive on Dec 1st. That day will so kick off our count down to Christmas and they would start getting their treats from their 25 days of Christmas boxes.

The girls spent the afternoon out with their mommy, so grandma and Snowflake got to play! This is how she arrived and kicked out our

Elf on the Shelf 25 days of fun!

Snowflake arrived leaving clues of elf dust all over the house, checking out the office, the 25 days of Christmas countdown boxes, and down the hallway.

Elf on the Shelf - 25 days of fun

Here’s the countdown to Christmas boxes (advent calendar boxes) that I made Noah, Kayden and Izzie. Kayden’s and Izzie’s are new this year. But with the 3 of them it’s hard to put 3 treats in each little drawer. So I made them each one and each night they get two treats from their own little box.

Elf on the Shelf - 25 days of Christmas Countdown Boxes

See the little white elf prints? The girls were so excited, but they were also reminding Snowflake that the treats in the boxes weren’t hers.

Snowflake proceeded down the hallway leaving a big note on the wall, and making a stop in the girls room. She left the last two little footprints as she left there room, but after that there were no more clues as to where she finally decided to hang out for the night. She did decide to tape up their doorway with pretty purple paper, leaving a little clue as to whom might have done it. You’ll see tiny snowflakes on the paper.

Elf on the Shelf - 25 days of fun -Snowflake

Elf on the Shelf - Taped up door

Elf of the Shelf 25 days of fun …  Snowflake

The girls had to find her, it was so fun watching Elizabeth follow all the clues and hearing her excitement. Kayden played along for a little bit, but got bored quickly. I kinda think she isn’t as big as believer as Elizabeth. :( she’s growing up too fast. Where’s the button to turn it off? Oh how I wished they had little buttons to slow down growing up.

They finally found her. She apparently got herself stuck in the tape as she was taping up the notes for them. They were so cute!! Kayden warned Snowflake to not hide anywhere that would get them in trouble. The girls are only allowed in my room if I have told them, or if I am in there with them. I have so many things that the little one loves to play with. Stuff like jewelry, make-up, grandpa’s money he lays on the night stand, and so much more.

Elf on the Shelf 25 days of fun

I know you’re probably out running around finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Adding the finishing touches on your holiday decor, and planning the holiday parties. Remember to take a second and just breathe, it’s the memories you create that will be ever lasting. The pretty papers and presents will be out grown, lost, and in some cases returned. But the memories will be with you for a lifetime.

Happy Holidays everyone! More Elf on the Shelf – 25 days of Christmas Fun to come. I’ll also be sharing my decorations and our Christmas Tree pictures soon. I will be adding more to the Holiday Gift Guide so hang around for the fun.

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