Easter Egg Wreath – Crafting with Kids

Easter Egg Wreath - Crafting with Kids 4

Yippie!! Finally we can kick off our month-long Easter Series!! Yes I am excited about this series we’ve been doing a tons of crafts this Spring break. It’s been either rainy or cold so I’ve kept the girls busy crafting and using their imaginations! One of the projects that they seem to really enjoy doing was an Easter Egg Wreath, not sure if it was because I brought the glue gun to the table or what. But they sure acted like they had fun doing it.

Easter Egg Wreath - Crafting with Kids 4

Easter Egg Wreath – materials needed

8″ Paper plate or Plastic Canvas (click to see what I mean, if you don’t know) – 1 for each child doing craft
Egg Template – 25 eggs per child
Bunny Template – 1 Bunny per child
Construction Paper or Cardstock
Crayons/Markers (optional)
Glue Sticks, Glue or Glue Gun
Scissors or X-ACTO Knife
Child Safety Scissors – 1 for each child or have them share
Tulle or Ribbon
Little Pom Pom – 1 for each child doing craft
Printer or Cricut Explore Air Machine
If you’re good at drawing simple shapes you can skip using a printer and the Cricut machine

Easter Egg Wreath – prep work

Print or draw the egg template on the different colored construction paper/cardstock. If you’re doing this craft with younger children that aren’t good with scissors, then you’ll also cut them out now too. Are you going to use your Cricut Explore Air? Then you’ll find tons of cute free Easter egg designs in the Design Studio program.

Easter Egg Wreath – wreath shape

Make the wreath shape with either the paper plate or plastic canvas. Trace a large plate for the outer ring and a smaller one for the center. To make cutting easier crease the center area a little before cutting or if you have an X-ACTO knife that will work better. You can do this with the canvas as well.

Easter Egg Wreath – bunny template

Bunny Template needs to be cut out of felt or you can also use construction paper/cardstock. I had some left over bunnies from another project I did so we used those.

Make a ribbon or tulle bow for each child doing project. I used some scrap tulle I had from another project, but ribbon works great too.

Easter Egg Wreath - Crafting with Kids

Easter Egg Wreath – decorating the eggs (optional)

If you didn’t use a Cricut with a layer design pattern then you can either do this or skip this step. Basically give the children the eggs and let them draw designs on them etc.

Easter Egg Wreath – putting it together

If you are using the canvas it’s best to use a glue gun. If you have little ones make sure you’re comfortable with using it around them. I am fortunate that the girls are old enough to understand that it’s hot and they shouldn’t touch it. I also plugged it in for a bit then unplugged it. We’d glue on a few eggs then I’d plug it back in. This helped keep it hot enough to do what we wanted, but not burning hot the entire project.

Easter Egg Wreath - Crafting with Kids 2

If you’ve used the paper plate then glue sticks or liquid glue works fine. You’ll just need a bit more drying time.

Easter Egg Wreath – it’s time to get started

Once you’ve got your glue etc ready, you’re going to start adding the eggs to the wreath. I told the girls that they didn’t want their canvas showing on the front, so they should place their eggs in a way that it would cover the canvas. They got to decide which egg color and where they were placing it. I was there to add the glue to the back of their eggs. Once they have the canvas/paper plate covered, I then had them overlap some of the eggs and fill in the gaps.

Easter Egg Wreath – putting it all together continued

Next you’ll add the felt or construction paper bunny to the bottom edge of the wreath. Then you’ll add the little pom-pom as the bunny tail. After that then you’ll add the ribbon or tulle bow to the top edge of the wreath. If you used glue, it’s time to let your craft project to dry. I suggest checking that the little ones used enough glue on the eggs and make any adjustments if needed.

Easter Egg Wreath – finishing up

When the wreaths are done drying, if you haven’t done so already add each child’s name to the back with the year. Then they are ready for showing off! These make great little gifts for grandparents, for mom or dad to hang in their office, or you can add a little magnet to the back and hang on the refrigerator.

Easter Egg Wreath - Crafting with Kids 3







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