Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft – Crafting with Kids

Easter Egg Suncatcher -Crafting with Kids

We have another fun Crafting with kids craft for you. Don’t these Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft look super cute? Not only are they cute but, they are easy peasy to make too! Dani my daughter made these with Kayden and Izzy a week ago.

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft 1- Crafting with Kids

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft

Materials Needed:

Craft glue
Small Bowl
Glue stick
Yarn or string
Medium width paint brush
White Paper
Several different colors of tissue paper
Egg Template

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft


Print two egg templates for each child that will be making a suncatcher. If you don’t want to use your printer ink, you can print one and use it to trace the others. Next, you’re going to cut out the centers of each egg template. This will give you an egg-shaped frame.

Cut the colored tissue paper into 1″ to 1.5″ width strips, make sure they are long enough to go across the width of the egg frame either horizontally or vertically. Cut about 24 strips per child. In the small bowl mix equal amounts of glue and water together. Set aside.

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft Instructions cont.

Using your glue stick apply glue to one side of the egg frame, add strips of tissue paper either going horizontally or vertically. Make sure that each end is secure with glue add more glue when needed.

You’ll repeat this step until the entire frame is covered with strips of the tissue paper. You can overlap pieces to fill in any holes you may have. Cut any pieces that overhang the frame and set aside for drying.

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft Instructions cont. 

Take the other egg template frame and put glue on the outer edges like you did with the first frame. Cut a 6″ piece of the yarn, string or ribbon for each child. Loop it in half and glue in place at the center top portion of the frame. Add enough glue to keep it secured.

Place the frame you just applied the glue too over top of the egg with the tissue paper on it. Leave the looped ribbon sticking out of the top of the frames, make sure the two frames are glued securely together.

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft Finishing Up

Using the paintbrush lightly brush a thin layer of the glue-water mixture over the entire suncatcher. Let dry over night. This step gives the tissue paper a transparent look and helps the sunlight come through.

Find a sunny window or doorway to hang your beautiful Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft and enjoy! We hung our suncatchers on the sliding glass doors leading out to our lanai.

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft

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